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Seven Sins or Facts

What makes something a sin or a fact?

Some will think by stating I have two prim babies its nothing more than a fact. Others will think it a cardinal sin to even blink at those creepy things let alone admit to owning them! Basically it comes down to personal interpretation.

Sophie, Hannah and Cousin Hope

Sophie, Hannah and Cousin Hope

Today Strawberry Singh invited other bloggers to join in a challenge with a meme on Seven SL facts. Being such a new blogger I wasn’t sure if I should jump in and play but it was such a fun idea I just couldn’t resist.

Miss Singh had one rule, don’t judge (or do so quietly in your head) and I’m adopting that too!

Seven SL Facts about PB

SL Fact # 1

I have a rule that my inventory cannot go past 30,000 (currently just under 28,000). Whenever it gets close to that figure, I get edgy and spend a week finding things that can be deleted. I admit if I could organise myself and delete most of the items from 2007/2008 AND my landmarks my inventory would be half the size it is!

I’ll ponder upon the fact that maybe I like that edgy feeling ….

SL Fact # 2

I hate logging out from SL on anything other than a full hour or half hour. I will even stand around looking at the sunset listening to my radio till the clock ticks over, EVEN if it is 3am.

SL Fact # 3

I change the inside of my profile be it a new picture, song link or tweak of wording at least once a week. The front of my profile, which is really what anyone would read, usually only changes twice a year.

SL Fact # 4

Although only SL married once, there has been a few engagements. (I’m going to avoid highlighting my commitment phobia here)  When the relationship ends I have always returned the “ring”. This isn’t an act to be honourable but because of my inventory rule (fact 1) and the simple fact I can’t delete something memorable.

SL Fact # 5

I can’t be homeless! I have rented every style of land in SL available! My first in the second week of my SL life was a tiny skybox going to a full-scale sim and everything in between. Homesteads are my favourite, I just love the space and privacy. Currently I have a 6400 sq plot with additional prims Leading to Fact 6.

SL Fact # 6

I am a prim whore. The more prims I have the more I will use. I just love being surround by pretty things and currently have to pull up some of my landscaping each time I rezz my babies for playtime.

SL Fact # 7

I have a pixel food fetish! When cleaning inventory, I stand around eating a donut (strawberry with pink sprinkles). I cannot attend an event without my glass of champagne, ok.. that one might just be a “Diva” persona.

Wander around my house and currently on offer is  a plate of macaroons, large strawberry cream cake, cupcakes, coffee, tea, eggs and pastry. Just like real sisters, I will often visit my SL sister’s home just to eat her food. After all, she has cookies!!!


One comment on “Seven Sins or Facts

  1. Strawberry Singh
    March 14, 2013

    Would you like to come over and tackle my inventory? It’s way over 100,000. Once you do that, we can go back to your place for some yummy pixel food. LOL Thanks for participating! ❤

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