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The ebb and flow of … SL Friendship

2013 04 07 PB Today is your dayLike the weather, when the wind picks up and the rain pours down there is little you can do to avoid the onslaught. This past week has been particularly rough.  When pausing long enough to contemplate all the changes my life has experienced the past six months, I realize the common theme and maybe the lesson to take away to make all the hurt worthwhile, is my learning to accept, that loss is an inevitable part of our existence.

With SecondLife being such a fluid place it is only natural that friendships will come and go. We all have those friendship requests where after a chance meeting and a flowing conversation you accept the request and then never speak to the other person. The friendship never develops and they disappear off your friend list rather quickly. Then there are those that say goodbye as their real lives take control; others whose sl direction changes as their interests change moving them away into different circles and lastly the painful lost where the person makes the decision that you are no longer someone they wish to spend their time with.

2013 03 30 PB at Neva River - Riverbed

So when we reach that point in the friendship where the path leads two ways and your journey together is finished, how best is the way forward? Do we keep respect and wish one another well and continue on alone. Or do we fight to keep the friendship?

There is no easy answer. No hard and fast rule. It depends on the people; it depends on the situation and really in the end, friendship is a two-way street and if only one party is prepared to weather the storm then the fate is sealed. All we can do is be honest and express our feelings and then respect the decision that is made. Usually with the help of other friends who put extra effort into making you smile we carry on waiting for the sun to shine again.

I think it is important that when we send or accept a friendship request we don’t think to ourselves this is going to be short-lived or that at some point, maybe years down the track the person will suddenly be gone from your life. For if we focus on the loss and not what is gained when we find friendship, we will miss the opportunity to share the very best of ourselves and find the joy within another.

We should open ourselves to others and embrace the chance we have to get to know a person. We should make more effort to tell those friends we do have, just how important to us they are and maybe those that we meet and accept that friendship request, we need to go out on a limb, make a little effort and let them see just how much we’d like to get to know them.

Photograph 1.
Sim: Private sim of Alexa Maravilla
Pose: feelin’ like p.diddy – dollipops  (now known as little red hen pose co)
Shoes, Pants, Umbrella: Severed garden by berta arvo
Top: Loulou&co -Today size M Mesh top by lolly carlberg
Hair: D!va Hair – FlorA by Marisa kira
skin: LAQ Tasha 2 in nougat
sim for photograph 2 : Neva River sim of neva crystalL

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