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Come What May

2013 04 27 pb - Come what mayYesterday was my real life birthday. This year instead of dreading the day as I have the past two years, I was comfortable once more with the age I have become. I like to console myself with the fact that the older I get the wiser I become. It is actually far from the truth for I find the older I get the more I question and challenge long-held beliefs.

Some time in your 30’s with each birthday comes a moment of reflection upon the year you have just lived. For me this is the night before my “big” day, just before sleep claims me.

With eyes closed I let my mind wander back over the moments that have made up the last year of my life. Good memories that have made me smile, the friendships that I cherish. I allow myself to dwell on decisions made and actions taken. Did I learn from those moments of pain to make the tears worthwhile? I seek to let go of regrets as I know they will only hinder achieving my goals for the year ahead. Dreams of the future fill my mind and imagination as I sink into slumber. When I wake on my special day, I am ready for the adventure that awaits.

My birthday this year has been one of complete enjoyment. From the warm birthday wishes by my sl sister Alexa right on midnight, to the dance that evening with my sl brother Paris. I was spoilt with messages, cards and touched by the personal gifts such as the lovely poem written just for me by a good friend (see below) to the hours spent curled up listening as a friend streamed music into sl, playing just for me.

With all the bumps and twist in the journey of life you never can know exactly what life has ahead for you. So I say, wear that extra number on your age as a trophy of a life well lived. Be proud of every laugh line upon your face, for those are the gifts from the people and moments which made you smile.

happy birthday PurpleButterfly 
                                                              – author: SirT.
 a butterfly is to see something of beauty.
something that has evolved through time.
Something that shows true grace and dignity.
Something that is free yet has a real purpose.
Something that can fly without effort,
yet be determined to find what it is looking for.
Something that makes you smile and say ‘look’.
Something that spreads love and joy and wellbeing
…that is a butterfly
Hair: Truth Hair – Tymber w Roots Cocoa
Dress: PM:Purple Moon Creations – Aquarelle Gown in Turquoise – Group Gift.
Location: Alirium Gardens



One comment on “Come What May

  1. spunknbrains
    April 28, 2013

    What beautiful words sissy. With age we don’t get perfection, we just learn to accept our imperfections and let go a lot easier. Love you sis.

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