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A Whole new World

2013 04 30 PB Genie Meme

With just three little wishes would your Second Life be completely different? Strawberry Singh invites us in this weeks meme to wish for those three wishes that would change your Second Life.

“Meme instructions: They could be things you wish from Linden Lab, things you would like to have inworld, things you would like to do, or any kind of wishes you may have.”

To add to the magic of making a wish, please take the time to play the music as you continue to read.

I found no difficulty with this meme, easily rattling off the usual wishes of less lag, less sim restarts and my never-ending wish of having my inventory available out of world so that I could really get it organised! However when I started reading other responses my thoughts changed to things that would enhance SecondLife.

With my three wishes formed, the genie bottle clasped close to my chest, eyes closed and my voice in a whisper .. I WISH FOR..

Wish 1.

“I wish that people were content and happy inside SL.”

SL is a place of wonder, beauty, creativity, enthusiasm, challenges and yes at times drama. There is so much on offer if you look past just the shopping and love relationships. No one should ever be bored but if boredom finds you, use the destination guide to discover new places or just do random search requests and see what interesting places pop up. Such as searching for a genie bottle placed me in an Arabian Erotic sim where I took the above photograph. Grins, an interesting and different adventure for my day.

Join groups that interests you. Dedicate time to learning a new skill be it building, something creative or simply improving your SecondLife photography skills. Be prepared to enjoy your own company. SecondLife can be a refreshing place to enjoy down time from busy real lives. It really can be therapeutic to just sit on a chair, enjoy the sunset and chill.

2013 04 30 PB chillax

 Wish 2.

“I wish that people would stop hiding themselves away.”

SecondLife is built on the foundation of engagement and communication yet so many people feel that it is hard to make friends. It was the desire to talk with people which had us all logging into SecondLife in the first place.

Just like real life, making friends isn’t easy. It takes committment and being prepared to take a few knocks and deletions on the way to finding friends. You have to be prepared to take risks and be the first to message someone, initiate the follow-up conversations, don’t just wait for someone to say hello because trust me, that is what EVERYONE else is doing!

Hiding away on build platforms or inside homes will not give you friends, it becomes a habit if you don’t force yourself to venture out into the world. Wandering around sims will not make you friends if you are not prepared to be the first to put a friendly smile out there and say that easy word, HELLO. Go on .. don’t be scared, give it a try!

I live by the quote “A stranger is just a friend waiting to happen” so feel free to message me inworld (PurpleButterfly Lykin) and have a chat to break the ice. I have really good donuts and cookies to share 😀

Which brings me to Wish 3.

This did turn into a three-part wish on its own .. shhhh what the genie doesn’t know won’t hurt it and it is better than just wishing for another three wishes!

“I wish that everyone had beautiful friendships

and understood their worth.”

I have been truly blessed over the years to meet some of the most beautiful, generous, charming, talented, caring people. Some of those people have become my second family. They have been beside me with crazy schemes, encouraging me to try new things, cried with me in dark times, been there at times of illness and celebrated my every success. These wonderful friendships are shared with both sexes and complete my life in ways I could never have imagined when I joined SecondLife. It saddens me to hear that so many people have never found that joy for themselves and I wish and hope that all will at some time find the same compassion and friendship within their SecondLife.

Part 2: I wish that more people would fully understand the worth of an online friendship. Appears some think because you are unlikely to meet the friendship is therefore disposable. Friendship is friendship be it real life or online, you come together because you enjoy one another’s company and personality. It requires the same investment of loyalty. Learning how to forgive is an intregral part of friendship as is having the committment to rebuild after an argument. We are human beings, we cannot always agree.

I would have lost my online sisters over the years if we hadn’t been prepared to sit, talk out our differences and forgive one another for mistakes made. I am yet to understand why when a SL love relationship dies so many times a friendship cannot be salvaged. I understand that time has to happen for hurt feelings to subside but how is it that a person that once held most of your attention suddenly becomes a black hole that ceases to exist.

Part 3 involves those people we have all met. The mean-spirited people who make it their business to ruin someone elses SL fantasy. Or worse, create turmoil in another person’s RL. Behaviour like this is usually based upon their personal insecurities. There should be no place in SL for the mentality of putting down another to raise yourself up. So my wish would be that all online bully’s lost their internet connection PERMANENTLY. Maybe to relieve their boredom they could be sent a copy of Dale Carnegie’s book, How to win friends and influence people.

With that I’m to going to tell my existing friends how great they make my SecondLife and throw a new batch of cookies in the oven for those friends I’ve yet to met, who might just drop by with a hello.

Photo 1:
Dress: Mashooka: Royalty Gharara – old rose
Hair: DBS Heart – Yesenia Dark Brown
White~Widow TRPH2 Copper w Eyeshadow
Lipstick: Censored Teena Lipstick Plum II
Nails: Finesmith Gold & Red
Glamorize: Just Jewels Gold Pebble
Maya – Sak’ Acat Nose Chain Gold
Enchanted Blossoms Gold Slave Braclets
Faux Posh : Single Gem Nose Stud
Pose: Dare “Snake Dance” from Single Ladies Set 1
Location: Arabian Exotic Paradise
Photo 2:
Hanging Chair: Pilot – Larkin Set
Hair: Clawtooth – Doolittle in Coffee w Cream
Shoes: Duh! – Canvas Loafers
Sweater: Chloe – Sweater Chirk
Jeans: DeeTalz Skinny Jeans
Location: Personal home.


2 comments on “A Whole new World

  1. spunknbrains
    May 2, 2013

    Wonderful wishes sis. I’ll try to leave my house more often. 😛

  2. Strawberry Singh
    May 4, 2013

    Your wishes were so beautiful and so true. I’m looking at myself now and will see what changes I can make to my habits. Thanks for sharing. ❤

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