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Quest for a fairytale

“Happily Ever After is so Once Upon a Time.”

Has it happened to you recently where you venture out into SecondLife hoping to find someone to talk with and you find the unfortunate situation grid wide where no one is talking? Music playing, avatars scattered around and a host/hostess on auto pilot sending out the obligatory auto queued greetings and far from entertaining gestures filling the screen send you in the direction of a ballroom. At the very least you can polish up the manners and adorn yourself in a glamorous dress, you may even be asked to dance. However if you are like me you spend more time admiring the other gowns than actually engaged in interesting conversation or stepping onto the dance floor.

PB as Princess

Dating in SecondLife is a dangerous minefield only to be negotiated by those with a strong heart and healthy ego. For those romantically challenged such as myself there are moment when we wonder why we even bother to travel down that path. Did the fairytales we read as children really fill our dreams and drive us upon an unreasonable quest for that happy ever ending?

Secondlife is a fantasy playground and we all deserve to have “Princess” moments. However if we leave the writing of our fairytale to others we will usually end up disappointed for they do not know the storyline playing inside our heads. Most of us do not find that handsome prince charming upon his white steed. Instead we end up at the swamp surrounded by a knot of toads. The word “toad” makes me laugh and I think the distinction between a group of toads being a knot and a group of frogs being an army is a cool bit of trivia to pass along. After all, when thinking of those want-to-be Prince Charming frogs who wants to think of a gallant army!

You’ve got to be kidding me…right ??

I recently enjoyed an evening at a darling little ballroom hidden amongst the sky within the Calas Galadhon Sims. OZ Nightclub is based upon the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. With the monkey army outlined against a gigantic yellow moon, Miss Almira Gulch on bicycle or as the Wicked Witch of the West floating by intermittently the key features are all there. Watching the slow turns of the ruby-red heel contrasting upon the green and gold surrounds, my mind drifted off into the realm of fairytales.

Beginning with an ornate “Once upon a time…”, the storyline of a fairytale is simple. A beautiful girl involved in a situation of distress is saved by the handsome rich man, adeptly known as a Prince. Upon a horse or magic carpet equipped with accurate GPS instructions they disappear into the sunset on route to the castle to live happily ever after.

BUT what if the moral of fairytales has nothing to do about romance and waiting for a Prince Charming but instead involves shoes!

PB - Slipper behind

Just like Cinderella the clock will strike midnight and she will be gone.

Cinderella could easily be about the importance of selecting an amazing pair of heels for every night out. If it was a dirty sneaker instead of a delicate glass slipper would the Prince have searched all over the kingdom for her foot?

Dorothy didn’t need a Prince to return her home safely after her adventures along the yellow brick road. Instead it was a fine pair of ruby-red glittery shoes with a magical double tap heel that saved the day.

Would Alice have been able to chase the rabbit if she wasn’t wearing sensible black, side buttoned mary janes?

If Jasmine had worn heels instead of slippers she most certainly wouldn’t have been able to go on those devilish carpet rides.

Even Snow White, the ultimate homemaker cared for those seven tiny men with a timeless solid heel.

The code has been cracked. Happily ever after is within my shoe folder. There need be no more guilt over the hours dedicated to finding the most amazing footwear on grid and these lips need never touch one more toad.

Of course … does this mean … you then attract men with shoe fetishes???

PB - Sleeping

You might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince Charming.


Photo 1

Dress: Purple Moon Creations – PM:Annie Anniversary Gown – Group Gift

PM: Grizzelda Butterflies

Hair: D!va Hair – Manon in Bown Diamond

Location: Silver Dreams Star Palace

Pose: ibang! – mini series Taurus

Photo 2

Location: Interior Addicton & Second Architecture

Pose: Magnifique Poses Prince Charming (only available on marketplace)

Expression : aDORKable poses emoter hud

Photo 3

Hair: Truth – Dolly in Chocolate

Body: Slink Mesh Eyelids

Bed: LAQ Decor – Bed Set

Tiara: Earthstones Fleur Diamond Tiara

Sceptor: Alienbear Platinum Princess Amaterasu Special Sceptor

Location: My own bedroom.


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