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(2 of 30) – Lesson Challenge 1 – Lighten Your Load.

Have nothing in your life

that you do not know to be useful

or believe to be beautiful.

I’m sure you’ve all been there when after a particularly hard year you are left wondering the purpose of the things you do. After surviving 2012 which can only be described as an SL emotional roller coaster with appropriate horrific train wreck ending I was left facing 2013 emotional spent and telling my sister, “this year has to be different”.

2013 06 03 PB train wreck

She had come across a course offered by Debbie Ford and we decided to start it together as a way of keeping one another on track and accountable. Well that didn’t really last too long. Life just got in the way and the momentum was lost. I’d put it down to neither of us really being “ready”.

With a renewed enthusiasm and energy level, in conversation with her the other week I suggested that we could actually also include the lessons to cover our sl lives. After all .. if your going to have the best year ever it should be in both worlds! Having both really enjoyed the weekly Strawberry Singh meme’s we floated the idea of putting out a lesson each week and inviting anyone to come along and join in making the next twelve months the best year of your life. Who says things have to start in January to be effective? Remember you can do this in your RL as well as SL just like us.

Full details of Lesson One can be found at Alexa Maravilla’s blog with the actual basics of the program located here. This weeks lesson is called: Lighten Your Load. In shorthand the weekly task is to take stock of  the clutter that surrounds you. Don’t let it drain or distract you any longer. Deal with it!

2013 06 02 PB inventory

SL inventory for me is the one constant source of clutter. I find nothing more annoying than being unable to find what I want quickly. Remembering names of items or stores isn’t high on my skills list and if I was given a linden for every time I have spent 30 minutes searching in inventory for that “perfect” accessory that I “know” I own, I’d have a rather healthy linden balance.

My inventory is not dramatic in size, currently hovering around 32,000. I do have an organisation system within my folders that when I do follow works great. However I get distracted, I get lazy and before I know it my folders are a mess, new items aren’t put away and I am left wearing old jeans for days on end as I stand about scratching my head wondering where is that pretty dress I bought two weeks ago.

So this weeks lesson gives me a moment to get back on track and tackle those folders I fear most. Deal with the clothes purchased this past month that haven’t been put away. Rezz my Colour Explosion Hunt items and actually put them in the appropriate folders. With my embrace of mesh items I need to delete those high prim items from 2007 hiding in my overflowing landscaping folder.

If you decide to join in .. let me know what clutter you dealt with and deleted this week. It doesn’t just have to be inventory, we all have cluttered friends lists and groups .. time for a spring clean anyone?

Photo 1
Pose: Starry Heaven Poses – Purikura 1
Hair: [e] fROST 2 – BROWN 10
Top: Corvus – Hate Sweater
Pants: Drift – City Pants Moss

3 comments on “(2 of 30) – Lesson Challenge 1 – Lighten Your Load.

  1. Trav
    June 3, 2013

    as always, wonderful

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 3, 2013

      And I thought you’d tell me not to play on train tracks Trav!

  2. spunknbrains
    June 4, 2013

    You know better than to play on train tracks sis.. giggles

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