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(21 out of 30) It’s a Wrap – Lake Stage

It has been a few days since the musical entertainment for SL10B finished. Gone is the past few weeks excitement and comradeship as life has resumed to normal for most of us. With the exhibit side of SL10B open for another day or two there is a sense of sadness and lost as we prepared for those amazing displays and creations to disappear.

Something happened right from the very first shifts for those of us working on the giant mushroom stage, officially known as the Lake Stage. As a team we bonded together sharing plenty of jokes and as the week progressed gentle teasing. The love for Dax the mushroom and Jadzia the tree (google Star Trek if you wish to know the relevance of these names) is apparent with everyone feeling as if it is our home away from home. Maybe Kazuhiro Aridian the creator, really did weave magic amongst the lanterns and leaves?

DJ Julliette performing on Lake Stage SL10B

DJ Julliette performing on Lake Stage SL10B

The best thing about working the SecondLife birthday event has been meeting some fabulous people be they exhibitors, organisers, performers or team members. Friendships have been formed and anyone considering working next year’s birthday all I can say is “DO IT!”. It can be tiring but the experience is one you just cannot repeat doing anything else in SecondLife.

The early morning shifts often are the quietest times for it is too early for most American’s to be out of bed and the Europeans are at work. Being less crowded does make it a great time to explore and when something different happened upon the mushroom stage it certainly was a highlight. I had the privilege of spending two mornings with DJ Merlyn Hern from Witches Island who played many unsigned band’s and as a special treat managed to sneak Australian music into his set.

2013 06 18 Lake Stage Angel visit

During DJ Julliette’s set one morning, a giant angel came to visit. Not only did we have floating bubbles and purple sparkles but everyone on the stage received a set of wings as a birthday gift. If you ever wish to experience the life of an ant just stand beside a 20 foot angel. I felt even smaller than when I am wearing my micro fox avatar.

2013 06 18 Lake Stage Angel watching over

Being a mostly rock, pop and country type of gal, working this stage let me experience music that I had not otherwise made time to seek out in SecondLife. DJ Astro-X introduced me to the sounds of underground trance whilst Masterjd Yiyuan plays the best mash-up creations your ears will hear! I usually find blues music sometimes a little to laid back however DJ Deere of Fly High radio fame made me re-think that view when she played an awesome blues set upon the mushroom.

Two lovely ladies Qharma and Caramia, adorned in feathers added a touch of magic and beauty to the rock set of DJ PhoenixRising. It was a fun experience watching a rock DJ known for not being PG attempting and I must highlight, succeeding, in covering a PG slot; even if the crowd tried to lead him astray.

Lake Stage Feather Beauties

My favourite morning of all was when DJ Steed kept the mushroom rocking with his music combination and conversation followed by DJ Teeny with her own unique saturday morning cartoon Disney music mix. The dancing flamingo set the party tone, maracas’ came out and the people gathered were by far the most talkative of the week.

Having been introduced to so many amazing DJ’s and music styles I cannot wait to visit them on their home territory.

Thank you SL10B for bringing me so much fun and enjoyment. YAY for birthdays!!


3 comments on “(21 out of 30) It’s a Wrap – Lake Stage

  1. spunknbrains
    June 29, 2013

    Oh yes..heard all about that mushroom eating and the cartoon music. 😛

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 30, 2013

      Laughs .. yep that poor mushroom had to hear all the ways we would eat it up.

  2. xLiquidDreamsx
    June 29, 2013

    The Bubbles were AWESOME!

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