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(22 out of 30) Exhibits not to miss – SL10B

With SL10B fast approaching time for exhibits and displays to disappear. There are a few exhibits that I have visited a few times over the past few weeks and would like to share and encourage others to see and experience before they are gone forever.

Chrysalis by Frankx Lefavre,

2013 06 28 Chrysalis 1

Frankx Lefavre artistic display highlights the wonders of scripting and what can be achieved with imagination. The colour magic begins from the moment you touch the floor and the black walls rise to surround you. Frankx has written all scripts, designed all textures and built the exhibit to entrance and enthrall.

The Chrysalis is an expression of change. Hidden deep within is the pupal butterfly, secure and safe. The moving main rings represent growth with the transformation complete when you emerge at the top surrounded by a colourful butterfly.

2013 06 28 Chrysalis 2

Birthday Flower – Aji sai – For Second Life

2013 06 28 Birthday Flower

Imagine a beautiful floral terrarium that you can peer endlessly into and you capture the essence of this artistic exhibit by Quark Fallen. Small water drops allow you to sit amongst the tender petals of the hydrangea or dance upon the leaf with the snails.

This exhibit fills your spirit with calm, peace and tranquility.  It is a place to return to time and time again to relax and enjoy. As a birthday gift, a beautiful framed hydrangea artwork for your walls at home is available.

2013 06 28 Birthday Flower 2


2013 06 27 sl10b o r m by Kei514 flow

A build by kie514 flow of World Consciousness Connection Project fame. Pteron was his creation and this is a glimpse of what may be seen in the next venture of this talented artist.

O R M is not only visually stimulating but breath-taking as your eyes travel the path of the water droplet. All I can say is .. this is a must to visit.

reBourne Prefabs Tibetian Skybox Exhibit

2013 06 28 reBourne Tibet 1

Danny Bourne is the talented builder of the reBourne prefabs. The style and quality speak for itself as you climb the cobble stone staircase to this Tibetan retreat.

There is a sense of stepping upon sacred ground as the sunlight streams between the leaves highlighting the surrounding mountains. Chants of monks echo in your imagination as you stand mesmerised by the water of the in ground pool.

Simple but elegant fittings balance your sense of well-being. As a feeling of enlightenment and calm settle within. This is truly a special build to spend time within.

2013 06 28 reBourne 2

Stepping Thru the Mirror

2013 06 27 Stepping thru the mirror 1

Aelva has created a wonderful artistic magical display which has hidden interactive components to enjoy. The centrepiece is a large golden rectangular mirror which entices you to travel from one side to the other.

A large feather is laid upon the open pages of a book. With a simple click the poses hidden within the feather come alive. My favourite being the tightrope walk along the delicate spine of the feather.

The winding blue stone path encourages you to seek the other poses hidden amongst this display. From the dances hidden within rocks to the toppled seats the magic of this build is for all to embrace.

A lovely treat is the gifts to take home, including your own animated feather!

2013 06 27 Stepping thru the mirror 2

Aphrodite Shop Gelateria

2013 06 28 SL10B Aphrodite Shop Gelateria 1

Something a little fun after all the hustle and bustle of wandering the sims and exploring fascinating and entertaining displays. Any time I can play with something I am in my element and I was thrilled to find the gelateria by Aphrodite. Being able to spoon out ice-cream, top it with sprinkles and then dip it in chocolate thrilled me.

I made this my nightly end to my explorations and know it is something that will certainly put a smile upon your face as your feet thank you for the much deserved rest.

After all .. we are celebrating a birthday!

2013 06 28 SL10B Aphrodite Shop Gelateria 2


5 comments on “(22 out of 30) Exhibits not to miss – SL10B

  1. spunknbrains
    June 29, 2013

    Oh I need to make time this weekend to go visit these, thanks for sharing sis. These are exciting just from the pictures.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 29, 2013

      Hugs sis totally try to make a quick visit to each. You will love the feather gift too 🙂

  2. Juggy
    June 29, 2013

    awww, tried to ‘step thru the mirror’ yesterday and today………unfortunately it was gone 😦

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 30, 2013

      Unfortunately “step thru the mirror” disappeared earlier than the end of SL10B. Hopefully next year Aelva will be back with something equally as beautiful.

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