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(23 out of 30) An ending to the perfect party

2013 06 19 SL10b Kitty

And so it ends.

SL10B finishes at midnight and I’ll be wiping a tear from my eye as I start to count down the days till SL11B. So many people dedicated hours upon hours to ensure that SL10B happened without too much drama and I would like to extend a thank you to everyone for their hard work and dedication in providing this amazing experience for all residents of SecondLife. I have never missed an SL birthday celebration, enjoying each to the fullest however SL10B without doubt goes down in my memory as my most favourite ever.

I felt privileged in the role of Exhibit Assistant to be able to watch SL10B grow from the ground up as parcels were handed over to exhibitors and building began. To meet, converse and share the excitement as displays came to life will forever be a fond memory. As Stage Manager on the Lake Stage I felt honoured to be able to assist the DJ’s in providing the best in entertainment to the crowds that gathered. It was awesome to be part of the action and have the festive atmosphere lifting you up daily. Being part of the SLB Press team gave a purpose and focus to the thoughts I wished to share about the SL10B celebrations.

I have been blessed to meet so many people and thank those new friends I have upon my friends list. There is however a little group of people who made my memories of SL10B special and my last blog on SL10B would not be complete without mentioning them.

Finale DJ Stage 1

Love from the DJ Stage

My Friends of Lake Stage

Fedora Jones: I was blessed to be put on the team for Lake Stage and receive Fedora as my Stage Lead. He instantly put everyone at ease with his sense of humour and respect of everyone. I am sure the team mentality for Lake Stage grew from the relaxed calm nature of our “Boss”. Fedora is someone very special and I look forward to becoming a “Purple Jacket wearing Pain in the butt Fanatics Fan” at his live performances within SL.

Syn: My first few shifts followed this bubbly bouncing bundle of enthusiasm. She would welcome me with open arms even when I was crashing her shift. To say this woman is a pure joy is an understatement. You can not escape the excitement and happiness when she is around you. Knowing our friendship will only continue to grow brings a huge grin to my face and places Syn as one of the best birthday gifts found at SL10B.

Plowwie: It was a step back in time for me when I realized that Plowwie was my pass on person. With her shift following mine we got to reminisce on a time over 5 years ago when we were neighbours and shared mutual friends. So much happens in SL that it is truly a special privilege to be able to reconnect with people from your past. Back on my friends list I hope we don’t lose touch again.

The Girls of Lake Stage - Plowwie, Syn and PB

The Girls of Lake Stage strut it at DJ Stage – Plowwie, Syn and PB

Liquid: Every night Liquid would throw the keys to me as we crossed over shifts. We would share a giggle here and there often discussing the music choice. We were each others ear pit stops when the music just became noise. The committment this woman showed as she completed huge hours to cover Mystique left me in awe for not once was there not a smile in her text.

Mystique: Aside from being always friendly and helpful he is one of the best DJ’s I had the pleasure of listening too that week. Quality and dedication were apparent the night he jumped on stage at a moments notice to fill an hour’s gap playing his original mash-up music which was beyond fantastic. Looking forward to listening to him DJ soon.

Finale DJ Stage 3

Fedora, PB, Syn, Liquid & Plowwie all celebrate the end of SL10B @ DJ Stage

Wei Wei: Our shifts rarely touched however Wei Wei and I got to chat in IM or staff chat. It makes me smile that I use to leave virtual donuts in the staff room for this donut loving friend and I wish her all the best as she travels along the exciting path of SL motherhood.

Ruby: One of those gems in life who is always welcoming and warm. Someone who could be a friend to anyone and everyone. I was pleased after a week of listening to interesting and different music that I managed to get a little bit of country music played on the mushroom for our pleasure … even if Fedora threatened to eject me hahaha.

Sporty: The man of few words kicking back on a chair at the rear of the stage. He was the pillar of strength and quiet guidance behind the scene that left us all feeling reassured with his presence.

It was wonderful that so many of us could come together to celebrate the finale of SL10B entertainment at the DJ stage. Dancing and chatting in conference together as fireworks exploded was a fitting end to a wonderful week.

Watch out SL11B .. the Lake Stage team will be back!

Now … who has the cake ??? !! ???

Finale SL10B DJ Stage

Finale SL10B DJ Stage


One comment on “(23 out of 30) An ending to the perfect party

  1. xLiquidDreamsx
    June 29, 2013

    Aww… we think you are beyond AWESOME too PBs! I could not have asked for a more magnificent location to spend time my time, or a better group of people to spend it with. I truly feel lucky to have met every one of you.

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