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4th July

2013 07 05 Pixel Pot 4th July Cook Out

I know I’m not American but since joining SL every 4th of July I have joined in the celebrations for Independence Day. Part of it is I try to embrace different nationality holidays as it is a fun way to learn another culture and history. The other part is that I simply love to celebrate, be festive and party. With SecondLife being so universal I get to achieve that objective, often!

Since becoming a member of the Pixel Pot Restaurant and Cafe group I have noticed that from time to time the staff put on special free events. Today I managed to attend one such event, The Pixel Pot 4th July Cook Out.

2013 07 05 Pixel Pot 4th July Fireworks

The welcome arch was a sea of red, white and blue. Balloons, rockets, sparklers and fireworks all announcing that this was INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Guests upon the shore in an array of summer outfits proudly displaying the American flag enjoyed the wonderful smell of the barbeque and as I tucked hungrily into a second hamburger I felt as if  the teleport had me upon the shores of a North Carolina fabulous beach.

I may not be American but as an Aussie girl partying on the beach with good food, friends and fireworks is a language and custom I can easily relate to .. it is what we call “bliss”.

2013 07 05 Pixel Pot 4th July Hamburger

For those that don’t know about The Pixel Pot Restaurant and Cafe:

The Pixel Pot is a fully functional restaurant in SecondLife. With waiters on hand to ensure you the most realistic dining experience achievable in SL.  I hear you saying, “but why go out to a restaurant when you can’t eat in SecondLife”. Well people you can eat and you can enjoy and the bonus to it all is it doesn’t sit on your thighs afterwards!

To all my American friends and family may you enjoy your 4th of July celebrations in whatever tradition you choose.

Be Safe and eat a burger or s’more for me!

PB xx

And speaking of s’mores .. to celebrate 4th of July in a “real” manner .. I made these yummy S’more whoopie pies for my family and friends to enjoy today. You might ask what the big deal is? The really big deal is that most Australian’s have no idea what-so-ever what a s’more is. I know!! When I found out a few years ago now, my wonderful dear lovely american sister (giggles yep I’m laying on the honey) who didn’t wish my life to be deprived further sent me a “care” package with graham crackers because we can’t buy those here in Australia. (She also put in marshmallow fluff but customs confiscated that 😦 )

Thankfully I found a great recipe that replicated the taste of a graham cracker and have to say .. these little delights got a big tick from all that enjoyed them at our own little Independence Day party tonight.

If you are interested recipe can be found here at Bubble and Sweet. (Note: I didn’t use the ganache or marshmallow filling as shown in recipe.)

Whoopie Collage


One comment on “4th July

  1. Trav Neox
    July 5, 2013

    As always you do a wonderful job of writing. Thanks for the good wishes. Believe it or not, I got to celebrate Canada Day in Alberta and now the 4th of July. What a week. Thanks for the lovely post PB.

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