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Something Special

There are moments in life where you stumble upon something that just speaks to your soul. It could be meeting a new person who you immediately feel at home with. Or maybe its finding a place that fills you with an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility.

I have been fortunate over the past few months to experience such an event. One of the roles I worked as at Secondlife’s 10th birthday celebrations was Exhibit Assistant. This required working with the many talented creators, designers and artists within SecondLife to hand over and apply the settings for their parcel of land for the event. It was role that I enjoyed doing, meeting many people from all facets of our community. One person I met was Danny Bourne from reBourne Prefabs.

I had known about reBourne Prefabs for years. Whenever I found myself searching for a new house I would return to the reBourne sim and “oooh and aaah” over the homes for sale. These homes are a luxury item with high-end quality craftsmanship. There was a time I even considered purchasing the barn they offer, wondering if I could successfully convert it into a designer living space.

Since our SL10B meeting I have been fortunate to get to know Danny and Suite from reBourne Prefabs and honoured to watch the building process of their latest home, “Bali”.

Tonight is just a quick visual sneak peek to tempt your eyeballs, tantalize your imagination and leave you wondering about this unique build called the “Bali”.

2013 08 01 The Bali - Outdoor living room

2013 08 01 The Bali - Outdoor bathroom 1

2013 08 01 The Bali - Outdoor Bathroom 22013 08 01 The Bali - Bedroom

Amongst the call of the birds the little monkeys whisper:

You will have to wait till tomorrow for a more detailed post regarding all the features of this magnificent home.

Along with a very special deal on offer for the launch of the Bali.

2013 08 01 The Bali - 3 Little Monkeys


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