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Never Grab a Bull by the Horns

PB Bull - Taurus

Taurus walks on their own path

and unless they trust you,

they walk alone.

There was an additional challenge to the zodiac meme from Strawberry Singh this week than just answering a few questions. The challenge to create a photo that related to our zodiac sign was one I knew I would have fun completing and fun I did have. After all, what other excuse am I ever going to find to enable me to walk around the Hazardous sim, dressed as a woman matador with ornamental ruby encrusted golden horns proudly perched upon my head.

The sign of the bull is something that I understand and relate to. Be it those stubborn traits where digging the hoofs in is required to succeed or the willingness to take the fight to those that need it, horns and all being a Taurus is something I’m immensly proud to be.

What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign? – April 27th makes me a Taurus.

Do you believe in or follow astrology?  – I have an interest in astrology although I have never used astrology for guidance or decision making and being such a realist probably never would. I am guilty of getting giggles when I read something that matches up with a significant moment or someone in my life. That’s when you can say things like .. “it’s in the stars baby!”

Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are? – To say I hold most characteristics of the Taurus zodiac sign would be a understatment. There is little that has been said about a Taurus woman, that isn’t clearly able to be checked off against my temperament and behaviour. Yes, that includes the positive and negative. Anyone who wants to know me better should read here for a great list of personality traits for the taurus woman.

Have you ever been to a psychic or astrologer either in RL or in SL (are there any in SL?) When I was younger I had a fear of anything psychic. If it couldn’t be explained I didn’t want to know about it. Interest in this side of life grew as I matured resulting in the occasional reading from a psychic and numerologist. I’m yet to have an astrologer chart my horoscope but it is a “to do” on the bucket list. As for paying a SL astrologer my lindens I will put that one in the “why would you” file along with the whole paying SL escorts for text cyber.

Do you read your horoscope daily and try to follow any advice, recommendations or warnings it may have for you that day? I have never read daily horoscopes however I do enjoy browsing online sites in January and seeing what the predictions are for the coming year. By the beginning of February I’ve forgotten most of it relying on friends with better memories to remember any key details.

Do you have very strong feelings about astrology, either negative or positive? I try to lead my life in such a way that I am open to any sense of spirit that comes my way. I embrace any chance to gain deeper understanding of my inner workings. From that standpoint I try to not be judgemental on any topic where opinions stem from someone’s belief systems.

Hat w Hair: Emo-tions Yvette
Outfit: champagne Sparkling coutour – matador
Sim: Hazardous
Photo Pose: Starry Heaven – Rika 4 (available currently at Pure Sales Room)

11 comments on “Never Grab a Bull by the Horns

  1. Strawberry Singh
    August 6, 2013

    I like your answer for the last question. It’s very respectable and I try to live my life the same way. Also, you make a fabulous matador!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      August 8, 2013

      Thanks Berry, really enjoyed dressing up! That little saying of living as we wish to be treated really is a sound piece of advice. If we all did that the world would be a much nicer place to be.

  2. Dremmy
    August 7, 2013

    I knew there was a reason we get along so well. We bulls stick together!

    • spunknbrains
      August 7, 2013

      That’s just bull mom! *cracks up laughing*

      • purplebutterflylykin
        August 8, 2013

        pokes sissy with a big stick and says … you just wish your horns were as good as ours Ms Aries 😛

      • spunknbrains
        August 9, 2013

        *laughs even harder*

    • purplebutterflylykin
      August 8, 2013

      Something special about a bull an a bull. We do seem as a starsign to gravitate towards each other.

  3. Juggy
    August 7, 2013

    Did you describe me PB 😉

    • purplebutterflylykin
      August 8, 2013

      There is somthing resounding in all Taurus folk … think we give it away with our stubborness maybe ????

  4. xLiquidDreamsx
    August 11, 2013

    Me too! May 19th =)))

    • purplebutterflylykin
      August 16, 2013

      Laughs .. All the “cool” people seem to have those invisible horns Liquid!

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