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The best thing to be is just … YOU

2013 07 04 Malibu Inpiraton - PB contemplating

Sometimes the questions are complicated

and the answers are simple.

Dr. Seuss

Different moods effect the ebb and flow of virtual life just as much as in our real sphere and like many I’ve had a love/hate relationship with SecondLife over the years.

Having realized I am entering a phase of change meant I’ve spent the past few weeks a little quite on the blog front instead dedicating the time to understanding all my thoughts bubbling below the surface.

It was whilst writing a blog post two weeks ago (which was never published but will be in the next few days) I came to the realisation that the way I live my current SecondLife was nothing like what I had ever planned for it to be. For some this might mean they are having unusual fun and experiences, or someone surprising had entered their life. For me however it was accepting that somewhere along the journey of the past two years as a way from hiding from being hurt again by anyone close to me, I have created a duplicate of a rather mundane real life situation.

2013 07 04 Malibu Inpiraton - PB Coffee Time

At first I was instantly horrified. Why on earth would one “choose” to do such a thing! After all enough people will tell you SecondLife should be just about fun and stretching the boundaries of experiences. After a day or two of emotional basketball with my inner self I realized the important word here is, “choose”. It is us controlling the avatar, not the avatar that controls us. We decide where those pixels go, how they are going to behave and what rules they will adhere too.

In the end it doesn’t matter if the whip wielding BDSM fetish goddess is unleashed onto the grid or the happy-go-lucky country girl who just wants to listen to music and dance. What I’ve worked out is it boils down to forgetting what others may expect from you and just embracing who you are, every single  facets of that personality. The beautiful thing is when you feel you aren’t where you want to be then you can easily “choose” to go down a different path.

The simple answer really is …  remember that being yourself, including flaws, fetishes and feelings is the most sure way of finding happiness in whatever life.

2013 07 04 Malibu Inpiraton - PB hammock

Location for photos – Sim of Editorial Clarity when open for visits.

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  1. Trav
    August 17, 2013


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