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Lesson Challenge 14 – Take the week off!

2013 09 03 PB Just an 80 Girl

For this weeks challenge, as a reward for all the work done in loving ourselves and making this the best year of our lives we are encouraged to just forget the to-do lists and enjoy the life we are living.

Maybe instead of saying I’m running two weeks behind time with these challenges I can put a positive spin on it and say I was for once just being ahead of schedule by taking the past two weeks off from blogging? Okay no, I didn’t think it would work either an promise to post the Lesson 12 and 13 within the next few days.

Unfortunately the curse of winter captured me once again with a bad bout of bronchitis. Having suffered bronchitis since childhood I am rarely surprised when my runny nose turns into something more sinister.

So with my head thumping, little patience and energy levels depleted there seemed little point in attempting to fix the issues I’ve been experiencing since the last Firestorm viewer update. Crashing constantly I can tolerate but being unable to use the photography features due to a graphic driver compliance issue has not only frustrating me beyond belief but has turned my creative desires into temper tantrums.

Those like me who are technically challenged will nod in agreement when I lament at how a simple procedure, such as updating drivers can turn into major computer surgery were your left crossing your fingers and closing one eye as you silently offer your first-born to the tech god if you get the reboot screen. Needless to say, my HP Laptop is a difficult patient and is now awaiting a real life computer genius to fix that which I corrupted.

As a result, I’ve spent the past two weeks becoming familiar once more with the Linden Lab’s viewer which aside from missing a few nice features such as area search and a list of windlights, hasn’t been a bad experience. Of course I’ve moaned to those that will listen about the evils of modern technology and yearned for those simpler days.

When did our machines of business, pleasure and recreation turn into migraine bearing beasts who scatter our minds? Tell me, are you able to maintain your technology or do you wish for the good old days when it was just a case of simply replacing batteries.


Pose: {what next} pink Geek pillow – with Game Joy wearable
Outfit: {M.t HOM} pacman outfit
Shoes: {u.f.o] Margiella cutting sneakers
Hair: Junwave – Sweet Lady*H-Nuts* (old)
Earrings: Bens Beauty-Wish Earring Silver
Necklace: EarthStones Love Always Necklace – Diamond/Platinum
Bed: Culprit Bohemian Single Bed (PG)
Pillow: NX-Nardcotix Happy Puss Pillow Blue – Gatcha machine
Record Player w records : Zen Creations Retro Turn Table – hunt gift (old)
Box of Records: Aphrodite Store – Vintage Music Box Hunt Gift (old)
Rug: Zen Creations Kids Rug 6
80’s Music Photos made by myself

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