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Lesson Challenge 13 – Risk

” Life is all about RISKS and it requires you to jump.

Don’t be a person who has to look back and wonder

what they would have or could have had. “

2013 09 04 PB Asian visit

This pose from Starry Heaven captured exactly what I wanted to represent for this weeks lesson picture. The casual fall of the hands remind me of a rustic heart shape. An unconscious call of love maybe?  The pose is called Misuzu 5 and part of the gift for the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt (cost 5L) which ends on 30th September, so you still have time to get to the store and find it for yourself.

Lesson 13 is about taking risks. Understanding that when we take steps to improve our lives to make those changes happen and achieve success, we must take some risks. Of course we aren’t talking about those foolish or uncalculated risks that cause harm to your well-being. Any major change or decision in life should be well thought through including time spent thinking about how you might minimise the impact of a worse case scenario if it goes bad.

Everyone will have a different level of risk acceptance. Some people thrive on that feeling of stepping out onto the edge embracing the freedom of just seeing what happens. They relish in the feeling of excitement and challenge of new experiences. Whilst others feel unsettled and scared, clinging to what they have always known, content in staying in that safe zone because the very nature of risk is that it is unpredictable.

Risk is about putting ourselves, our dreams into the spotlight. It is our desire to experience an alternative situation which urges us to explore an opportunity and take a chance. Sure we could end up red faced with embarrassment looking like a fool if it doesn’t turn out. We could end up the hot topic of conversation until someone else draws the attention away but without taking risk we will not grow and change for the better as a person.

2013 09 04 PB trip to asia

The past twelve months has seen me unwilling to let another be too involved in my second life. Having loved deeply only to feel the destructive force of betrayal and pain of loss, putting my heart out to be hurt again has been something I’ve simply been unwilling to risk. Instead I’ve been content to spend most of my time alone only sharing conversations and moments that did not encourage relationships. If anyone ventured too close that inner door would slam shut and into the background I’d retreat once more.

Life however will always push us towards change because the world around us is ever changing. People will come into our lives, opportunities will appear out of chance conversations. In the end it is up to us to weigh up the gains of that experience. To find our inner courage to stand at the edge and jump.

2013 09 04 Marty and PB Stars

Self Love Assignment

We are asked to identify one part of our life and write down three actions that we could do to take us outside our usual comfort zone. It aslo suggested approaching three people whose opinions you respect, an asking them how’d they’d go about achieving your goal.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog

Dress: Loovus Dzevavor : [LD] Eastern Mini Dress Zest
Shoes: Loovus Dzevavor: [LD] Jewel of India pumps – Topaz
(** LD no longer have a inworld store with select items available via marketplace)
Jewellery: [ glow ] studio – retro double clock bracelet watch
Hair: DeLa – Mesh Hair Lori Brown 2
Photo 1
Pose: Starry Heaven – Misuzu 5
Location: Japanese Garden – Isle of Solaria
Photo 2
Pose: Zen Creations – Nagusami Tea Room Floor Pillow Animation
Location: Japanese Garden – Isle of Solaria
Photo 3
Pose: Dutchie – Dutchie Logs Couple animation
Location: Private Sim

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