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Lesson Challenge 12 – Chasing the dream

2013 09 09 PB Make Dreams Happen

Lesson 12 was far too important to let it disappear into the depths of my to-do folder. So using the philosophy, better late than never … here we go.

There are many times in life when we see someone doing something successfully and wish we could achieve that too. We spend time comparing everything from our looks and how we dress to behaviour and the spoken word.

Rarely does it seem are we happily satisfied with our current position. Those good feelings after an achievement and success such as feeling proud, content and happy, keep us chasing dream after dream. However the other side of the coin, feelings of jealousy, envy and even competitiveness can often lead us to chase with eyes closed often forgetting to enjoy what we already have.

2013 09 09 PB catching stars

A profound moment is when we realize that not only are we the only ones who can fulfil our dreams but that it is us that holds the key to achieving and succeeding.

When we believe in our own abilities and embrace self-love, others are attracted to that inner happiness and confidence. Being content and satisfied stops the “chase the dream” merry-go-round, allowing us space to become more focused on what we truly desire which makes success more likely.

Self – Love Assignment

Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What am I chasing?” Are you seeking validation? Love? Success? Acknowledgment? Respect? Intimacy?

Now ask yourself what three actions you could take every day this week to give yourself that experience.

2013 09 09 PB catching dreams

The biggest thing I took away from this lesson was the need to actually stop and think about what I truly was chasing. When just skimming across the surface of our thoughts the answer will not be authentic and satisfaction will not be achieved.

Years ago, I viewed SecondLife as my playground. My interest purely about satisfying a social need. My desire have changed these days to be more about producing something productive from my life within this world.

Plans for the future are still pinned to the drawing board however further embracing my love of writing by expanding my blogging activities and pursuing other avenues for the written word, such as magazine posts and even an e-book are all sketched in.

Having enjoyed my time working SL10B, getting involved behind the scenes with different events is now a keen interest. If anyone knows of any roles feel free to throw me an IM in world. Of course no list of dreams to chase would be complete without mentioning continual improvement to my photography and post processing of pictures .. now if I could just fix my graphic driver…

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog

Hair: D!va Giz – brown diamond – september arcade
Dress: Zaara aamani wrap dress – sunshine print
Shoes: n-core slingback extremeheel  – caramel
Jewellery: MG (Maxi Gossamer) – Raisa collection
Photo 1: Photo prop – [Virtual Props] Rocky Romance Pose Prop
Photo 2: photo prop – CWS – Crescent Moon
Photo 3: Photo prop – Baffle! The lost Room
LOCATION: Photo Square – free photo studio / photography – Free to use!

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