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Everything has its time.

2013 09 19 PB At Seasons Story_001

Time is precious …

Waste it wisely!

I have been an avid SecondLife shopper since my rezz day, very much enjoying home furnishings, fashion and accessories. I enjoy wandering around the monthly events and seeing all the new items on offer. I enjoy spending time popping around the grid picking up treasure hunt items whilst receiving group gifts can bring an extra smile to the day.

Fifty Linden Friday, Lazy Sunday and Sixty Linden Weekends; I participate in them all. Sometimes buying one thing, sometimes more. I even belong to Bargains for Babies a group offering discount clothing for the Zooby babies.

Put simply, I love a bargain, be it in RL or SL and get a sense of satisfaction when I am able to dress inside SecondLife without breaking my bank balance constantly.

I’m sure you have experience that feeling when you say to yourself (or others) “I just saved X amount on these shoes!” even though you had no intention of buying shoes when you set off to the store. Or because the discount has been so great you’ve bought two of something when one would have been enough.

Special feelings are created when you get a shopping bargain. The mind plays tricks leaving you with a sense of having won something, that you shopped smart, outwitting the store owner and received something a little bit free. You have to admit it is rather funny that we accept this rational given that we know that nothing can be a “little bit” free.

In marketing fields these feelings are known as Smart Shopper Feeling concept. As these feelings are pleasure based emotions fed by our internal egos, marketing experts link into the “me” thinking and bait a particular product with a discount.

I’ve never been one to rush out to attend an event on opening day, mostly because busy sims meant grind halting lag with texture rezz near impossible for at least an hour! However since becoming involved in the blog-sphere and reading more SL fashion blogs the past few months, I’ve noticed how easy it is to become influenced into wanting all those new things being shown immediately. Before each event opens we see tantalising sneak peeks of items so that after counting down to opening day, armed with landmark and lindens we rush in to gather up all our goodies.

With more monthly events on the calendar than ever before mixed in with the ever-growing special events inviting us to spend in support of charity, I have found myself increasingly overwhelmed by the demand to buy. Of course understanding marketing and economics I realize this is the circle we all participate within, if shoppers don’t buy, creators won’t create.

With an inventory crammed of pretty things yet to be worn I’m left to find the balance between being consumable yet also finding enjoyment and appreciation in each creation.

…… Taking photos sure does help.

2013 09 19 PB At Seasons Story_002

Top: lenox & co blueberry mainstore – red/floral bead top
Pants: ColdLogic trouser – eise taupe
Shoes: ricielli – tess mesh boots
Nails: Sexy Mamas Nails
Hairs: Ploom Julie – Browns
Jewellery: Gizza Creations – odyssey watch & bracelet – stone
Location: The Seasons Story 
Photo Pose: Photo 1 – Starry Heaven Erika 2 – This set of 5 poses is currently available at the Pure Sales Room Event for a discounted price of 35Linden only!

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