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Autumn Meme : It’s all about the Leaves!

2013 09 30 PB Fall

With all the beautiful Fall fashion out at the moment in SecondLife Strawberry Singh’s Monday meme all about Autumn seemed another good excuse to venture out around SecondLife amongst the beautiful colours on display celebrating this season.

I didn’t explore far instead flying just across sim to my sister’s home. Alexa recently created the most amazing Autumn inspired landscape filled with areas perfect for just sitting and watching the world pass by. She thinks I only visit to steal food from her kitchen but the beautiful orange, brown and red colour arrangements evoke my love for Autumn which is still so many months away. I feel total contentment just wandering along her paths.

Meme Instructions: Take an autumn inspired picture and/or answer the following questions about autumn. Don’t forget to leave your links in the comments of this post and if you take an autumn picture, please add it to the Blog Memes flickr group. Thank you! ❤

Is autumn your favorite season? Why or why not?

Being born in Canberra, Australia’s Capital city and living nearby once again, Autumn has a special place in my heart for it is the season that brings the most beauty to our surroundings.

Canberra is a rarity in Australia as it puts on a visual display for all four seasons. Getting more sunshine that Sydney or Melbourne enables Spring to be filled with fragrant flowers which are planted on mass. Summer with its heat filled days and cool change evening are enjoyable because there is very little humidity. Whilst winter is perfect fire side weather with fogs, frosts yet brilliant sunshine in that hours that count.

Being a city full of parks and greenery surrounded by heavily forested mountains the landscape changes to colours of Autumn whilst still being surrounded by soft greys and greens of eucalyptus and conifers trees making the season of Autumn nothing short of spectacular. The days are mild with the nights cool enough to sit outside around the fire enjoying a bbq and bottle of wine.

To see some autumn photos of my beautiful part of the world on flickr, click here.

Do you call it Autumn or Fall?  Australian’s use the term Autumn.

What kind of weather does your area get during this season?

Season        Average                  Min* Average Max* Average sunshine hours
Autumn 7 (45) 20 (68) 7.1

Which color do you always associate with autumn? 

Red, Yellow and Orange.

Which Autumn themed sim is your favorite at the moment?

Obviously there are the usual ones that everyone speaks of such as Callas and Tempura but I’m always looking for those little known places to add in my landmarks folder. I would say if you know Alexa, ask to visit her place!

Okay .. I better confess … maybe I do get a little hungry when visiting Alexa’s home .. and I just happen to partake in her excellent baking.

2013 09 30 PB - Fall Friends

Location: Home sim of Alexa Maravilla
Hair: Truth – Kendell by Truth Hawks
Dress: PM (PurpleMoon) – Dita Dress in purple by Poulet Koenkamp
Shoes: Koko – Mesh Knit boots by Akira Cybertar
Necklace: PM (PurpleMoon) Tribal Necklace by Poulet Koenkamp
*Photo Pose 1: *ED* In these shoes 4
*Photo Pose 2: *ED* In these shoes 2
** Both poses are currently available at the CosmopolitAn sales Room for only 70L for a pack of 5.

7 comments on “Autumn Meme : It’s all about the Leaves!

  1. spunknbrains
    October 1, 2013

    Thanks for the mention sis, great write up. Those are some awesome pictures of autumn in your part of the world.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 1, 2013

      Yes I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful area here in Australia. Glad I could share some of it with everyone 🙂

      • spunknbrains
        October 1, 2013

        Show off. 😛

  2. spunknbrains
    October 1, 2013

    PS – I did notice that all the cookies were gone. 😛

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 1, 2013

      Wipes the crumbs from my dress and smiles … .cookies … ummmmm there was cookies ????

      • purplebutterflylykin
        October 1, 2013

        Wonders if you’ll notice the tree I moved and tried to put back in place but crashed and lost the correct co-ordinates … hahahaha

      • spunknbrains
        October 1, 2013

        Better your waist than mine.. hahaha

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