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Lesson 19 – Just LOVE it all

2013 09 30 PB love of flowers

What appeared at first difficult to convert into a SecondLife theme with a bit of twist this lesson became very relevant.

Sing along with the song in your thoughts as you read, for the words couldn’t be more PERFECT.

We have all experienced those moments in life when we catch a glimpse of our bodies in the mirror and it stops us in our tracks. Where did those extra kilos come from? How is it we now wobble more than sexy sway? Can we claim those new wrinkles as laughter lines from loving life and OMG another grey hair!

We sigh, we frown, we criticise ourselves, giving a lecture any parent would be proud of … “I SHOULD have exercised those chocolates away. Mountains of salad really AREN’T boring and sleeping 8 hours a night to avoid bags under your eyes, ISN’T unreasonable, after all .. “normal” people do it every night!”

We throw our hands in the air moan that no-one could love us because we wouldn’t and this is probably the only thing we get right in our moment of distress. Because right at that moment, we aren’t loving ourselves. Instead of standing in awe at the beauty of years of life and love written upon our bodies. Instead of appreciating all our bodies do we instead tear ourselves to shreds and destroy our self-confidence.

You would think in SecondLife where we have the help of appearance sliders that we easily maneuver to craft every dimension of our avatar bodies we would be content with the perfect vision of beauty we create. Yet we tinker, we compare ourselves to others. We see another beautiful avatar and wonder what we might need to do to achieve just that look. Once more forgetting we amount to far more than just our pixel dimensions.

So this week instead of gazing over another avatar, take the time out to “perv” your own and smile at just what a beautiful set of pixels you are sending out into the world. Whilst you’re at it … smile and appreciate your real life self too because without the real flesh you wouldn’t have a pixel person.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog

Your Self-Love Assignment

Each day this week – spend five minutes sending love to each and every part of your body, from your head to your toes. As you consider your many wonderful and valuable body parts, just imagine what life would be like without that part of your body! Allow your hands to rest on each area of your body as you send it your love and thanks. Spend extra time on any areas you’ve hated or judged.

Take this on as a daily ritual and notice how you feel at the end of the week.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Hair: Truth – miranda
Dress: Glitterati – tiana nude style 1
Shoes: P10 – gemini heels leather cream

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