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Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 1: Mermaid Park

2013 10 04 Postcard 1 Mermaid Park Clam

   If your ship doesn’t come in ..

                                … swim out and meet it.

As soon as you plunge your avatar under water something magical happens. Imaginations merge our virtual existence with Disney into romantic fantasy and fairytale.

My adventure this week for the Travel 52 Challenge (click to find out the details) takes us beneath the waves crashing upon the shore into the calm depths of the ocean where mermaids and sea creatures dwell.

2013 10 04 PB Mermaid Park

Although Mermaid Park is only a small portion of land located on the Grand Canyon Sim with colourful coral and abundant sea life it is a visual treat.

If ever planning a mermaid photo session this is a must visit. The LA Siren’s rock is available for use along with poses nestled amongst the shells and rocks.

Take time to sit inside the giant sandcastle and lay amongst the shells scattered along the sea bed. Swim and explore the sunken ship whilst avoiding sharks and jelly fish. We found it easy to spend a couple of hours playing in this underwater paradise.

2013 10 04 Postcard 1 Mermaid Park swimming

Marvel at the 7seas unusual and rare fish out on display as you dance one of the many mer dances. There is also a couples dance system for any two legged creatures who find their way there.

Share a romantic cuddle inside clam shells which are hidden amongst caves for privacy. (You must however be a member of the group to use any menus).

As a huge Disney fan, this underwater adventure would not be complete without the perfect ending. A kiss amongst the ruins to the tunes of kiss the girl from Little Mermaid.

2013 10 04 Postcard 1 Mermaid Park Kiss



14 comments on “Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 1: Mermaid Park

  1. Trav
    October 9, 2013

    Another wonderful blog PB. Always wanted to make love in a sea shell. Maybe this is my chance. Huggs u. 😉

    • Dremmy
      October 10, 2013

      But, what about the sand? 😉

      • purplebutterflylykin
        October 10, 2013

        That is why mermaids have tails and not bikini’s Dremmy. No sand problems!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 10, 2013

      Tucks the landmark into your pocket and hopes you get to make that wish a reality one day. Hugss.

  2. Slynny (or Anee)
    October 9, 2013

    How long can your avie hold her breath? *giggles*

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 10, 2013

      Giggles … that is why she brings along a man with a air tank on his back.

  3. Cougar Sangria
    October 10, 2013

    Such a Disney fan myself 🙂 The grand Canyon region is wonderful above and below. Beautiful capture 🙂

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 10, 2013

      Can you believe Cougar in six years inside SecondLife I had NEVER visited the Grand Canyon sim. Really enjoyed my night there above and below and certainly will be returning. Just sooo much to do!

      • spunknbrains
        October 10, 2013

        Oh I need to revisit this place.. it was so much fun when I did visit ages ago.

      • Cougar Sangria
        October 10, 2013

        I believe we are such creatures of habit and sometimes we just need to step out of our comfort zone/box and just experience for the sake of experience.

  4. Dremmy
    October 10, 2013

    I love mermaiding. It’s so relaxing expecially when your with someone you care about. Nice pictures PB. Were they the ones I took? hahaha!!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 10, 2013

      Chuckles .. the photos you took are in my private photo album

  5. spunknbrains
    October 10, 2013

    Great photos sis, and thanks for sharing the location. It’s been a long time since I been to the grand canyon, in both worlds.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 11, 2013

      I didn’t get to see the real Grand Canyon on my American visit but totally enjoyed the SecondLife version.

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