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Creativity is alive and well

Creative individuals place a high value on fun

because it enables them to soar in other pursuits.

– Jordan Ayan

With computer time limited due to a nasty tummy virus for the past few days I was fortunate enough to be online early enough to attend the last show for the 2013 Opium Haunted Mansion Fashion Show.

Upon arrival at the staging area I realised this was not going to be the typical catwalk style fashion show event which I have attended over the years in SecondLife.

2013 10 30 opium halloween house staging area

With warm but somewhat eerie welcome greetings exchanged a folder was passed to all in attendance. To keep lag to a minimum and ensure show animations worked, our avatars, cloaked in an invisible alpha were reducing to a pair of shining orange eyes.

With around 40 people in attendance my computer was relieved that this odd outfit had the desired effect and aside from the confusion of walking with no body, lag was minimal. (I’ve in fact kept this outfit for other high attendance events I attend in future!)

2013 10 30 Opium Halloween House Forest

Anastasia Markova the CEO and owner of Opium Evolution Agency was our ghostly bride guide and narrator for the 1.5 hour experience. We later discovered, Anastasia was also one of the creative brains behind the concept as well as designer and creator of much of what we saw.

2013 10 30 Opium Halloween HouseThe Opium mansion was a shining beacon set amongst the midst of the overgrown forest. After navigating the rocky path and scraggly branches our orange eyes were ushered into the elevator, where an evil chuckle (or ten) commented upon our mortality.

2013 10 30 Opium ElevatorShuffled into our seats within a large pod like vehicle we were taken around the corridors of the house to view different scenes from various horror movies. With computer limitations and fear of crashing I was unable to take photos of the actual production.

A beautiful cast of models provided entertainment with various dance routines and re-enactments. With visits from Christine, Jaws and Rocky Horror to name a few, there wasn’t a room in the many we visited that didn’t leave you marvelling at the level of creativity of this event.

Given my vote for favourite is somewhere between the beautiful white and black swan ballet routine and the rock act of the Sanderson Sisters it reflects that I am not into the blood and guts of horror flicks.

2013 10 30 Opium Haunted House Ballroom

I was really thrilled to have experienced this wicked spectacular and congratulate everyone involved, from the idea thinkers; to creators and designers; and the beautifully styled models for giving their time to such an event. Two shows an evening is a large commitment from anyone, especially when it is a free event to all residents of SecondLife.

Everything, from the amazing musical score accompanying the stunning visual scenes to the humorous and well delivered narration ensured this event has raised fashion entertainment within SecondLife to a new level.

Although over for 2013, I look forward to 2014 and recommend keeping an eye out for other events produced by the Opium Evolution Agency.

** NB: Please forgive the level of photography, to keep the computer happy I had to keep my graphics on a basic level.


2 comments on “Creativity is alive and well

  1. spunknbrains
    November 1, 2013

    The pictures came out fine.. and like you I am so not into all the blood and gore.. or half bodies chasing me in a cemetery!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 1, 2013

      You have to admit .. those half bodies and single limbs were kinda cool tho. My dancing took the gore out for me and made it more humorous than icky.

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