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Lesson 22: Seize the Day!

If your memory is anything like mine you forget what you did yesterday let alone last month. However it is said that to achieve the best year of our lives we need to link up a succession of best days which have enough impact that we will remember them not only next month but in a years time.

Lesson 22 states when making a day memorable we need to consciously intend to do so. That we must purposefully create an emotional charge strong enough for us to remember the event. I differ from this idea, instead believing that a spur of the moment event can and will become a memorable one if the emotional connection is significant enough.

2013 10 28 PB pumkin patch wheelbarrow

Reading the assignment left me scoffing at the suggestions, for they are totally impracticable for SecondLife. Filling a friend’s house with flowers would result in lost of rezz rights and a lost and found folder you would just want to log out from. Placing a home cooked pie fresh from inventory on a table certainly wasn’t going to create a memorable year-long ooohhh or ahhhh. Whilst crashing someone’s build platform, in my circle of friends means certain death! DON’T interrupt the creative is a motto I live by.

I came to realize there was no way I could successfully adapt this challenge to SecondLife. Having control only of my own emotions there is no way within a virtual world of being able to gauge the level of emotional attachment required to ensure a lasting impression is created within another.

At the end of the day what is memorable for you may be completely insignificant to another and not long after giving up on this lesson I experienced such a moment.

2013 10 28 PB Cesare playing games at the pumpkin patch

Whilst taking some photos amongst the Autumn leaves an old friend and her date teleported to visit. Given it was unplanned, no time had been “dedicated” to ensure the moment would be memorable or special.

Having experienced a fracture in the friendship some time ago, although reconnecting, we were in that funky little place of emotional disconnect and distance. Where you talk like acquaintances whilst knowing the in’s and out’s of one another lives.

This night together was the first time where the friendship felt as it once had. Laughter was natural whilst the conversation flowed easily. The significance for my friend was no doubt minor, especially factoring in she had a date with her, but for me it was a pivotal turning point.

I felt the shift in my emotional stance from one of defence to a feeling of reassurance that the friendship which had lasted five years without turmoil still breathes beneath all the words left unsaid.

I think at the end of the day, as long as you are experiencing wonderful moments, upon reflection they will all combine to make your best year ever.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Pick one day this week when your schedule allows for some unstructured time. Now ask yourself, “If I were going to seize this day and live it with such passion that I’m sure to remember it in a year’s time, what would I do?”

Here are some ideas to get your imagination rolling:
* You could fill your best friend’s house with flowers.

* You could surprise someone you love with a home-cooked meal.

* You could find out about a household project that a friend or family member has been putting off and organize a work party to get it done.

Think creatively, and do something that will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of all who participate.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford


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