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Changing Seasons

2013 11 15 PB at the beach

Every precious drop of CHANGE, 

has a ripple effect in the ocean.

~ Trudy Symeonakis

Change. Love it or loathe it we know it is inevitable that we are going to experience it in our lives. Usually at more regularity than we enjoy.

I have never been one who tackles change well. Although I ride out the wave and eventually find my landing spot the amount of time spent agonising over the unknown as the ground shifts beneath my feet often leaves me exhausted and seeking comfort in all that is familiar.

Given my dislike for change I have only worn three skins in my entire six and half years of SecondLife. Each change found me “seeking” that new look for about six months. Oh how I envy those who throw on a different face to match their mood of the day.

I realized after receiving Gluttony the newest release by 7Deadly Skins that I have never sported freckles on my avatar before. Usually the skins with freckles on display in the skin stores are far too youthful and cute for my eyes to cast long upon.

2013 11 15 PB at the beach

With a perfectly shaped mouth, Gluttony, is given a touch of sophistication from the realistic sprinkling of freckles upon the upturned nose and cleavage. The changes in my appearance was immediate. What surprised me was the total different mood and feeling this simple change created.

Teaming J&A Culture’s newly released black tie top and black and white skirt together completed the transformation to sun-loving beach babe. With so much of SecondLife in Autumn tones or changing to the northern hemisphere snow seasons, it felt so natural as an Australian, to be embracing the feeling of freedom and summer at this time of year.

Relaxed and confident I found myself seeking out beach areas of SecondLife. Spending hours relaxing in deck chairs, listening to the surf crash upon the shore, reflecting on the wonder that change can bring to your life … if you just let it.

2013 11 15 PB at the beach looking at sea

Hair: EMO-tions – Holiday (dark brown)
* Skin: [7DS] GLUTTONY B4d+ T4 (new release in store now)
* The 7Deadly Skins range offer skins in 12 body types with each body type including 4 skin types. A notecard is provided to explain the differences and help make things easy and simple to use. Those that like their mesh attachments haven’t been left out either with Tango, Slink Hand and Feet Applicators all available separately in store or on marketplace.
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Glade
Nails: Candy Nail – Clear Glitter French Pink
* Top: J&A Culture – Tied Top Black (available in store)
* Skirt: J&A Culture – Black and White Skirt (available in store)
Shoes: Slink Sheila Thongs V2 L White
Necklace: Kosh – Tricos Necklace Sea
* Photo 1 & 2 Pose: (Eternal Dream Poses) -*ED* Random 02 (brand new release for the Thirft Store.)
* Photo 3 Pose: (Eternal Dream Poses) – *ED* Random 04 (brand new release for the Thrift Store.)
Location: Private home

3 comments on “Changing Seasons

  1. Juggy
    November 22, 2013

    Quite a change indeed, and not a bad one. You just have to love SL for being able to find a skin that suits you and to ‘tweak’ your body and facial expressions to your best liking 🙂

  2. Slynny (or Anee)
    November 23, 2013

    I really like the skin. Not sure what it is about it that draws me to it. Maybe it is the slightly all natural, girl next door look to it or the exotic eyes? I don’t know, just something about it.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 23, 2013

      Agree sis, something about it makes it just that little bit “different”.

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