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Be Thankful

2013 11 28 PB Thanksgiving Arisa 5

Although not American the ideals of Thanksgiving are something that speaks to me. With the hustle and bustle of daily living it is easy for us to lose touch of all the blessings that are delivered to us. Having a day set within the yearly calendar to actually pay tribute and acknowledgement for the good things which have come our way, is a day that could be embraced by all of us, regardless of culture or nationality.

Surrounded by family, friends and celebrating with good food has to be one of life’s joyful moments. Can anything really get better than stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce and a rather large helping of pecan or pumpkin pie?

Of course Thanksgiving also includes something about big football games, pilgrims, indians and rather large feathery birds, of which one the President pardon’s from arriving on the plate.

Yes, it is a little bizarre seeing one of the great world leaders spending time with a Turkey. It does allow us to see the lighter side to those who serve in high office and it is a little ceremony I do enjoy seeing televised on my news each year.

2013 11 28 PB Thanksgiving Yurika 1

Instead of the usual thanksgiving note, listing all the friends and family who make my life truly blessed with their love and friendship. I’ve decided instead to encourage those when spending time reflecting upon the past year, to not give into the urge to spend time contemplating on the negative that has occurred.

Emotional triggers of pain and sadness mean those moments draw our attention easily. We can easily think of what we are missing instead of looking for the hidden positives within those experiences.

Have you been battling illness?

Although illness can be one of life’s greatest frustrations, one of the gifts received is an increased inner depth of understanding and a greater appreciation for what really is important in life. Learning what is truly important certainly has to be something to be thankful for.

Has the world’s deteriorating economics hit your personal budget?

Imagination awakens when you seek creative ways to still include those enjoyable moments in life without the financial burden. There is a hidden blessing in returning to the ways of those in the past as we join our hands and our heads creating something. Find thanks in the refreshing breath of imagination as it fills the stressed mind.

Have you lost someone you loved?

I believe love to be one of the keystone foundations of our souls. When nursing a broken heart we may dispute the quote, “To have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all”. Yet if we embrace the gift we were given by having experienced the magic of another touching our soul; and then find comfort in the knowledge that by opening our heart we shared our own unique style of love with another. Both acts really are blessings no other moment in life can give us.

Waking each morning, breathing and living life in freedom means I have much to be thankful for in this life I live. It is however the love and friendship of friends and family, both old and new, in both worlds, which gives me the opportunity to find blessing each and every day.

As many of you settled down to turkey and pecan pie, may your hearts fill with love and joy for the good you have received this year and acknowledge that the greatest blessing lies ahead as you seek enjoyment in this crazy thing called life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! American or not 🙂

2013 11 28 PB Cutting the TurkeyCredits:
Hair: D!va Hair – Daria (onyx)
Eyeshadow: MONS – Eyeshadow Missy coldbrown (ABP03 Hunt Gift)
Lipstick: CENSORED – Teena Lipstick beige II (available only on marketplace)
Dress:  dollle – Autumn Knit Dress (previous gift for the TAE Hunt) 
Shoes: CHoOoZ – “Plumeria”: Dirty Turkey (previous old hunt gift)
Kitchen: Agora – Bella Kitchen (available on marketplace)
* Photo Pose 1: Starry Heaven – Arisa 5 (Pack of 5 poses currently available at Acid Lily at a discounted price of 70L, otherwise available on marketplace for 150L)
* Photo Pose 2: Starry Heaven – Yurika 1 (Pack of 5 poses currently available at Acid Lily at a discounted price of 70L, otherwise available on marketplace for 150L)
Photo Pose 3: X-clusives Animations Turkey Carving

5 comments on “Be Thankful

  1. Slynny (or Anee)
    November 29, 2013

    Beautifully said 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, sis. (I saved you some pie)

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 29, 2013

      YAY … pecan or pumpkin??? Not that I wouldn’t gobble down both mind you.

      • Slynny (or Anee)
        November 30, 2013

        Both, of course!

  2. AndroKaress
    November 30, 2013

    Been through them all and I certainly am thankful for the love and support I received.
    Happy Thanksgiving PB xoxo

    • purplebutterflylykin
      November 30, 2013

      Andro, glad you had the support and love of those around you at that time. Hugs.

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