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Lesson 25 – Look for What is Right

2013 10 17 PB at front door

I myself am made entirely of flaws ..

stitched together with good intentions.

The ability to be negative appears to be encoded into the DNA of every person who walks this earth. Okay, maybe his holiness the Dalia Lama doesn’t have it within him, but those of us who are mere mortals manage to find fault easily.

Whether the focus is upon our bodies; our relationships; life in general; job performance; world governments or the rules we force ourselves to abide with, there is a portion of our week where we criticize ourselves and more than likely criticise others.

By projecting negativity upon a subject, seeking that flaw, the fault, we are guaranteed to find discontentment and disappointment. When allowed, the circle continues and we find ourselves in a very negative mind-set. It makes only sense that by forcing ourselves to find the good, the positive in that we seek, happiness and satisfaction is what we should find.

Self-Love Assignment

Think about someone in your life who irritates you, annoys you, or with whom you don’t see eye to eye. This week, spend at least ten minutes writing down everything that’s right about this person. Make a commitment for the next week to think about what’s good and what works about this person.                                                                      © The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Unfortunately this was rather easy for me to complete. A situation I am not proud of. I would rather have had to struggle to find someone who was causing annoyance in my life than have had a couple of candidates to choose from.

Some of this frustration is warranted as life paths change for those around me. However I acknowledge that when I am at my busiest, my frustration levels elevate to a point where even the smallest demand for attention can caused annoyance. With deadlines looming, lost is that sense of gratitude and appreciation a friendly IM just wanting to “chat” brings.

Still learning to juggle SecondLife commitments with the demand for time that friendship entails the fault lies within myself and my ability to effectively communicate when I am busy and need alone time to concentrate.

Instead, I continuing on with the conversation or take the tp. As time slips away the tasks sit another day waiting to be completed. As I begin to feel overwhelmed it is easy through eyes tinged with resentment for lost time to find fault in another.

It is at these exact moments I need to stop, focus and recall all the unique wonderful reasons why I believe these are some of the most special people inside SecondlLife and then be truly grateful for the blessing I have received by being able to call these people my closest friends.

I also need to learn better time management … but that is sure to be another lesson I can struggle with in the future.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

Hair: Truth – Dolly w Roots (Treacle)
Top: Miel – Punk Racerback OZ
Jeans: Koko – Mesh Realizm Jeans Plain Stonewashed
Shoes: UFO – Margiella cutting sneakers (cream)
Photo Pose: eternal dream Poses – ED Attitude 05
Location: Personal home

2 comments on “Lesson 25 – Look for What is Right

  1. Trav
    December 9, 2013

    Isn’t it the truth. I surround myself with beautiful people and it always helps. Huggs

    • purplebutterflylykin
      December 9, 2013

      Hugs Trav, totally in agreeance with you.

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