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Lesson 26 – Sing Your Praises

2013 06 07 PB flying country girl

Insecurities mixed with a healthy ego

form a complex but interesting person,

who is …


– PurpleButterfly Lykin

In Australian society there is something called the “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. Some who have studied this culture say it is the act of Australian’s revolting against a person who gains great success because of envy and that it stems from our convict past when a society of different class was common.

Many Australian’s believe as I do that Australian society respects and celebrates success when it is quietly achieved. We prefer that attention which comes from success be projected onto others and condemn those who seek that attention for themselves, labelling them often as egotists. Expectation of entitlement because of personal success is something most Australian’s refuse to tolerate and that is when the “cutting down to size” of the successful occurs.

Success in scientific discovery and invention is respected and marvelled. Those Australian’s who dedicate themselves to charitable efforts by helping the less fortunate are held in high esteem. However rarely do we celebrate with great grandeur these successes. A pat on the back, a bit of a nod to say well done, maybe an award and then the expectation is that things return to normal.

Australian’s love to celebrate sporting success and it doesn’t matter what sport is playing. The celebrations seem longer and louder when it has involved winning against certain countries such as New Zealand and England.

Having gained world-wide success from acting, Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe are both award-winning Hollywood actors with major film credits to their name. Here in Australia people hold different opinions on both men even though their skills are similar. Formed by perceived behaviour, Hugh is seen as a quiet achiever who despite his movie success still has his feet on the ground; still just a regular man on horseback. While Russel is often the butt of many jokes and seen as a bit of a diva with movie star demands and attitude issues.

Now you might wonder what on earth all this has to do with this weeks lesson.

2013 12 11 PB in house

It is the background to understanding why I struggle to sing my own praises. This does not mean I doubt my own worth. I have long known what my core strengths (or weaknesses) are. What my “good” is for society. This understanding forms the strong base for an inner strength which has helped me survive challenging moments in life.

So instead of listing my wonderful attributes I will instead say; that the moments that allow me to shine are when those who see something special in the facets of myself then look within themselves and find their own inner light.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog

Your Self-Love Assignment

Make a list of everything you do well. What unique skills and talents do you possess? Do you have a nice singing voice? Good handwriting? Are you a talented artist or writer? Do you have an eye for fashion or a refined sense of style?

Now look at your positive character traits. Are you a loyal friend? A good listener? Do you know how to motivate others or make them laugh? This week, share with at least three people whom you don’t normally confide in, all the things you do well. Notice how sharing your gifts lights you (and those around you) up.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lory Mesh Hair (Cinnamon)
Hat: {Sleepy Eddy} – Adventure Hat (Beige)
Dress: Tee*fy – Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress (Creme)
Boots: (Fashionably Dead) – Bossy Boots – Floral White + Pink (June Arcade Event)
Flowers: aDORKable Poses – Blooms 7 – (June Arcade Event)
Ring: Shakeup! – Fabric-Flower Ring [Boho Coral] – (June Arcade Event)
Bracelet/Watch: GizzA – Odyssey Watch&Bracelet [Stone]

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