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Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 7: Dream Winterwonderland

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Winter Well

Being the season of snow it seemed only right for this Travel 52 Challenge postcard to be from a lovely winter sim. Wrapping the scarf tight, my explorations to find a sim decorated to celebrate Christmas minus an overload of gawdy flashing lights began.

Using the search facility in SecondLife can often end in frustration as you teleport around unable to find anything remotely like what you have asked for. Every now and then surprising results are thrown out and Dream Winterwonderland is one of these delightful surprises.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Landing

Landing into a world of glittery snowfields and antlers I was instantly captivated by this wintery world.

Poised in the middle of the landscape is the giant ferris wheel. The coloured lights twinkle, begging you to begin your adventure. I was a little disappointed that the wheel isn’t one you can ride, for I am positive the view from up top would be amazing.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Wheel

Further along the snowy path, waiting for St Nick to appear a sleigh sits deserted. Available for use with photo friendly poses this would be an ideal stop off for anyone still needing to send a christmas card this season. Maybe even take a quick peek at the present sack, just to check if you made the “nice” list.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Reindeer Sleigh

The green of the fir trees, shimmering red berries and glistening charcoal deer all appropriate splashes of colours against the perfect background of white in this winter world. This is just one of some beautifully created hidden areas, so ensure you explore every nook.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Reindeer Carasol

Although Dream Winterwonderland is a lovely place to travel alone and photograph. It is even more perfect as a special place to share time with a significant other this holiday season.

Share a glass of wine as you relax inside the gazebos. Dance or watch the tree lights blink.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Christmas Cuddle

Or spend the time and travel to one of the special purpose couple areas.

Using the teleport log there are four areas to enjoy. The moon, The Cottage; The Universe and Romance. All areas are equipped with sweet kiss and cuddle animations (PG) for two.

The face on the moon endeared itself to me, making this my favourite stop over.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Moon Destination

As the snow falls around you, spend time dancing amongst the stars and planets at Universum. With Christmas tunes playing it  is easy to get lost for hours watching the planet’s orbit the dance area.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Universum Destination

The Cottage along with the spot called Romance (not shown) is a must for those needing to take the chills out of the bones after making snow angels with a fireside cuddle.

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Cottage Destination

There is also a small shopping area giving you the chance to  pick up any last-minute decorations for home.

Although we are all in the busy lead up to Christmas Day I do hope you can find a little time to escape and discover the magic within the nature at Dream Winterwonderland.

* I am not sure when the snow will melt and it disappears so don’t put your visit off too long.

Location: Dream Winterwonderland

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eastern%20Spell/86/134/998

2013 12 11 Dream Winterwonderland - Deer Cave

** Everyone is welcome to join the SL Travel 52 Challenge at any time. Full details can be found here.

(Please just remember to link back so the destination can be added to the Travel 52 Challenge page being created.)


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