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Count down to Freedom

2013 12 27 PB Christmas Carriage - Genre Sim

Finally! With guests returned to their homes after two weeks of busy, today is the day to just sit, relax and forget about looking after everyone else. My life was beginning to feel like an endless cycle of cooking and washing. Not to mention the overwhelming demands for socialisation the holiday season brings.

Although I love Christmas it is the hardest holiday celebration for me. Instead of the movie theme ideals playing inside my head, you know the ones, of beautiful decorations and wrapped gifts. Where the spirit of love and peace to mankind flows as you sip eggnog and create life lasting memories with those you love. For me, Christmas becomes a period each year which I endure through gritted teeth with one eye focused on the turn of the calendar and the birth of a new year.

Travelling interstate for the first family Christmas in three years I have returned home physically exhausted and emotionally spent. Although an outgoing personality I am also someone who requires a fair amount of own time for quiet reflection. Surrounded with so many functions and people I spend much of Christmas feeling like a child’s toy, gathering speed with each spin. As my inner balance tilts off kilter my need for quiet and solitude reaches fever point.

My last few visits to SecondLife have purposefully been in the hours when Americans are tucked in bed and Europeans have yet to start the day. With no real purpose I have wandered freely, relishing in the alone time whilst finding enjoyment in the emptiness of each sim. A sense of freedom and happiness returning with each step.

As the clock ticks towards the 31st the sense of calm returns once more.

Hair: Exile – Esti (whiskey)
Dress: Mohna Lisa – Hollywood Nights
Shoes: Gabriel – Stone Sandals (Gift)
Eyeshadow: Blacklace Beauty Allure Shadow Smoke
Necklace: DF (Donna Flora) – PIGALLE necklace onix
Earring: DF (Donna Flora) – IRINA earring
Ring: DF (Donna Flora) – Irina Ring and Pigalle Ring

Pose: Picture This! – Advent Gift 9 (Christmas advent calendar gift)

Location: Victorian Genre


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