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Do you resolution?

2014 01 01 PB Resolutions or Goals

Yes, I was going to organise my cluttered wardrobe. Old suits from a work career, (15 years ago) still hang, tucked up the back on hangers. Nods; yes, chocolate was going to become NOT my best friend and gawd did I really say I was going to attend the gym!

A few years ago I stopped participating in the 1st of January act of making resolutions. Given that these promises would be laying in tatters by mid January my thinking is why ruin the energetic feel of hope and change which comes from a brand new start by burdening yourself with guilt as you label all that is not “right” with you and your life.

Instead of making a list of resolutions such as:

  • I promise to eat better and exercise more.
  • I promise to log out of SecondLife by midnight so I get a full six-hours of sleep.
  • I promise to de-clutter the house to achieve that display home style instead of the chaotic mess of a family of four.
  • I promise to organise my SecondLife inventory so I can actually wear clothes more than once.

I set goals to work towards achieving through the next 364 days. Some of these goals are short-term simple exercises relatively easy to complete. Others are more complex and require time and effort before that tick of completion can be given. By putting that positive spin, with the focus being on finishing projects and making changes, instead of on the negative and being overwhelmed by the job at hand, mentally I am more likely to succeed.

Given time management isn’t a strong point with me, this year I have gone one step further with my list of goals and broken some into monthly categories just to help in crossing more off by the December 31st, 2014 deadline.

Right now as I munch on a handful of chocolate raisins left over from Christmas celebrations (you can see ending this lifelong love affair isn’t one of my goals) I am feeling excited about the days ahead and all that can be achieved.

Whether you resolution, set goals or just close your eyes and dive into the future, may you all achieve success and satisfaction these next twelve months.

** This adorable vintage travel case trolley by Morgana Brid of Arcana Antiques & Oddities is available until 26th January 2014 at The Kollective. With wood and leather texture change menu and only 15 prims, it is far too cute to be left behind when only 100 Linden.

The set of drawers shown in the picture are from Serenity Style and also available at The Kollective. With two different styles of drawers included, these are a steal for 120 Linden.

* A (Arcana Antiques & Oddities) – Vintage Travel Cases -Soft – The Kollective: Soft and Romantic Event (Dec 29th, 2013 – Jan 26th, 2014)
LDG – Happy New Year “Shimenawa” Wreath (cream) – 150L at The Kollective.
* Serenity Style – Rekka Drawers:  Post Cards – 120L for 2 drawers at The Kollective.
Sari-Sari – Mason Jars & Notepad
Follow US – Happy New Year 2014 (Group Gift. Thank you Laurent83 Waco for all the wonderful gifts you make available to your group during the year.)
KittyCats – Cat (Brandon my own pet)
Hair: Truth – Roma w Roots (cocoa)
Dress: dollle – Autumn Knit Dress (TAE2 Hunt Gift)
Belt: J&A Rock Culture – Brown Belt (part of the knitted off shoulder sweater dress currently available at Pure Sales Room)
Shoes: Maitreya – Gold Shiki (Black)
Lipstick: mock – Budding Love Mizu  [Ai Shui]
Pose: Ma Vie. – Wicked Game 03

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  4. hansinshan
    January 9, 2014

    tysm for the post sweet !!

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