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Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 8: Magical Christmas Memories

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Welcome Area

Some of the most magical places inside SecondLife are people’s personal homestead sims which they open to the public. One such delight that I discovered the week before Christmas was Magical Christmas Memories.

With Christmas now behind us, unfortunately I didn’t get to post this holiday post in time and when I visited today (to check details) the sim has been cleared and rented. So this postcard really will be like a traditional postcard where you get to enjoy pretty pictures and can pencil in the diary for December 2014 to check if it returns to the grid once more.

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Claus Cottage

Paige and Clarkey Lyle created the total package when it comes to North Pole enjoyment. Amongst the winter cold of ice and snow, nestled amongst the pine trees the residence of “Mr & Mrs S. Claus” could be found.

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Mrs Claus

Peeking inside Mrs Claus was hard at work baking Christmas goodies whilst jolly ole Santa was checking “that” list for the 100,000th time. I’m sure I heard him moan, “why oh why can’t people just be good and save me all this stress!” before he devoured another gingerbread man.

Of course you and I both know if he used modern technology, a good solid database and linked it into everyone’s Facebook, the job would be done in minutes and anyone over the age of six wouldn’t get gifts. Mmm .. Okay, I rather enjoy receiving gifts so lets leave him with the paper, pen and snail mail.

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Santa Claus

Sneaking into the barn, the reindeer where being tended to by the elves. One thing I just loved was the names of each reindeer appearing on their stall door. A small feature but with that attention to detail the scene was complete. I did notice Rudolph butting heads out front with one of the others, I think he’s still not entirely comfortable having been left out of all the reindeer games when he was younger. A good lesson for us all to remember to share and be inclusive.

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Reindeer Barn

With no time for photos the elves in the workshop were far too busy riding bikes and painting doll faces, whilst others wrapped and packed, making the gifts ready for loading into the sleigh.

With ice, snow and Christmas music the open area skate lake even encouraged two sun-loving Australian’s to pretend they could actually skate! This is what I love about Christmas in SecondLife, whilst I swelter in real life heatwaves I am freezing my butt off online in some winter wonderland.

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Learn to Skate

Paths encouraged visitors to wander around the entire sim finding the hidden treats and surprises.  Feed a reindeer, take a sleigh ride before visiting Santa with your wish list. Steal a kiss under the candy cane arch or dance in a gazebo strung with lights.

Everything was thought of to ensure that regardless of age, everyone left with a smile upon their face and Christmas in their hearts.

2013 12 21 Magical Christmas Memories - Feed the Reindeer

So although no longer in existence this little gem was more than worthy of a Travel 52 postcard moment. I thank Paige and Clarkey for opening not only their hearts but their homestead to the residents of SecondLife. My fingers are crossed that it will be back next Christmas!

Location: Magical Christmas Memories  (no longer available)

** Everyone is welcome to join the SL Travel 52 Challenge at any time. Full details can be found here.

(Please just remember to link back so the destination can be added to the Travel 52 Challenge page being created.)


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