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Lesson 28 – Take Your Own Advice

2013 08 20 PB in the garden shed

We are all great problem solvers, especially when the problem lies with someone else. Rarely do we want to work in our own garden and tend the weeds.

Being fascinated with human behaviour and studying within that field I often offer advice and opinions to others. Most times it is received in the manner it is given which is as an objective outsider’s view. It is often helpful to gather other options to try when addressing issues.

One thing that seems to be a constant in life is the battle with illness and general well-being. Often my suggestions to others involve 3 key steps.

1) Increasing water intake up to 2 litres (1/2 gallon) each day. Now don’t go thinking I’m advocating drinking more coffee and tea or other water based beverage. I’m talking about enjoying plain old ordinary water. If water bores you try putting in a slice of fruit for a refreshing change.

2) Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid stuff that comes packaged in a can as often those products are packed with chemicals and have more sodium than our daily requirements allow. When possible try to limit frozen vegetables and attempt to buy fresh.

I’m a big believer of organic fruit and vegetables however I do recognise this is still an expensive alternative in many parts of the world. I am fortunate to live in a rural environment with my own orchard and vegetable patch. 

3) Spend time outside in the fresh air, moving around and enjoying a healthy dose of Vitamin D. This little acknowledged vitamin is essential for bone strength as it helps calcium be absorbed by our bodies. Vitamin D also feeds our muscles and nervous system, allowing us to move and receive brain messages. Our immune system also needs Vitamin D to fight off bacteria and viruses. This little vitamin is so important and many of us are deficient in it; me being one.

Years ago after illness my Vitamin D became dangerously low. Although there is a tiny amount of Vitamin D in the food we eat, for us to get enough for our bodies we need the direct rays of sun upon our skin. As my love of sunshine is usually from behind windows my absorption level of natural Vitamin D is nearly zero, requiring me to take supplements.

2013 08 20 PB on verandah

After each medical check up I am reminded that I only need to be outdoors in the sunlight for 30 minutes per day to greatly improve my levels. Yet often I find myself at the end of the day often only having enjoyed the outdoors for brief moments as I complete household duties such as getting the mail, hanging the washing or feeding the animals. There are even days I forget to take my supplements! Shakes my head … I know, I know.

It is not till I get physically run down that I chastise myself for allowing my levels to get low once more. Experiencing a beautiful summer here in Australia, I have been making the most of the sunshine these past few weeks. Of course following skin cancer awareness by lathering on sunscreen and wearing a hat and sunglasses in taking heed of my own advice maybe I am avoiding a lecture at my next check up.

You may have noticed I made this weeks lesson more about real life over second llife. In improving my real life with this lesson by being more healthy the benefits flow into the time I spend inside SecondLife. I would love to hear what little bit of advice you give others that you think you could benefit from too.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

Your Self-Love Assignment

For the next week, observe the advice you give to other people. What do you suggest that those around you do to better their lives? Do you encourage them to speak out? To set stronger boundaries? To be less concerned with what others think? This week, as you give advice to others, notice if you could benefit from a little dose of your own medicine, and take whatever steps or actions you’ve recommended for them.

If you don’t normally give advice to others, think about someone you’d like to give advice to. What would you like to say? Now see if this advice applies to you.

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2 comments on “Lesson 28 – Take Your Own Advice

  1. Trav
    January 7, 2014

    Believe me PB, I get enough vitamin D on my bicycle seat for the both of us. I so enjoy your posts. Keep it up. Huggs

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 7, 2014

      Gee I wish this is how it worked LOL. I am so not a sun lover. The Doctor didn’t even crack a smile when I said it was because I’m a vampire. Chuckles, guess they expect you to serious when visiting them hahahaha.

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