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Lesson 29 – Give Up the Blame Game

2014 01 06 PB Therapy is in session

Seeing this outfit from Kiwi in the last 60L weekend sales I couldn’t help but have a giggle at how professional I felt wearing it. There is style within the cut of the fabric and with the pockets and buttons this coat is something I easily imagine wearing in real life given different circumstances. Jeans and sneakers are far more useful when chasing a toddler (and chickens) around the paddocks.

Before long I was searching in my inventory finding all the necessary bits and pieces to complete this professional act. Having taken the opportunity of the downtime that January brings, I have focused on bringing myself up to date with the weekly lesson posts. I hope I haven’t bored you all silly yet as there are a few more to come.

SecondLife seems to have an abundance of people who enjoy continually playing the blame game. Somehow it is “always” some other person or thing that is responsible for the negative going on in their lives.

Whilst some circumstances are unavoidable given our emotions are so heavily invested, a lot of drama is nothing more than grabs for attention as those around watch the “He said/She said” game unfold. Of course, often as it is friends fighting, it is a she/she entanglement.

Life taught me lesson’s early about being accountable for my own actions. To stand by my convictions and not allow victim mentality to become a force within my life. I am fully aware of the personal costs when I choose to walk on the bitch side of my personality, just as I have the ability to take it on the chin if I get slapped down for overstepping boundaries. Eventually after reflection and time passing if I come to believe I have behaved badly I will muster the courage and apologise.

I would like to share a quote I think which sum’s it up:

Never blame anyone in your life.

Good People give you HAPPINESS.

Bad people give you EXPERIENCE.

Worst people give you a LESSON.

and Best people give you MEMORIES.

Even with those foundations built into the core of who I am, I still allowed myself to blame another persons actions for the emotional mess my second life became for the past eighteen months. Did they do wrong, the facts would clearly say yes, BUT it was me that made that experience into the ordeal it became. By holding the hurt and betrayal close to my chest and not releasing it in a timely manner; not only was the struggle to move forward both painful and pitiful for all those around me to watch, it also heavily influencing my attitude and behaviour.

2014 01 06 PB Therapy closed

It wasn’t till I found myself thinking about what I would have done “before” him and just how different my life would be right this moment that the light bulb finally turned on. Stupidly I had given a ghost of someone long since gone, the power to influence my current behaviour to the point where fear masked the beautiful potential of my future.

As I took responsibility for holding onto the past for far to long the locks were released. Freedom to finally step out into the sunshine and love myself and others was delivered.

By accepting responsibility for our part played in a situation, the “noise” disappears and finally we can concentrate on making the changes that are necessary to bring us the happiness and satisfaction we seek.

Maybe as the new year begins and we reflect on our past twelve months, we need to administer a dose of reality and self responsibility to ensure we get the happiness we deserve for the next twelve months. What do you think?

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Take an honest look at where you might be blaming others for circumstances in your life. Next, allow yourself to see what you could create if you became 100% responsible for what showed up in your life. Now take action to create by being responsible, the outcomes you want.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Dress: Kiwi  – Shelley Mesh Felt Coat (60L weekend)
Shoes: Similar – Pisa Shoe (Lt Grey Suede)
Hair: “”D!va“” Hair “Vivienne” (Type A)(Brown diamond)
Photo 2: Eternal Dream Poses – ED Kollective 09 – Available NOW at The Kollective
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Evening
hair Accessories: {what next} Blogger’s Office Pencil Pot (Modified to use)
GlasseS: {H} – Peace on Earth – Pince-Nez (peace on earth hunt previous years)
Necklace: Apple May Designs – (AMD) Eccentric Pencil Necklace (store Gift)
Ring: PiCHi – Leather Bow Ring

2 comments on “Lesson 29 – Give Up the Blame Game

  1. AndroKaress
    January 9, 2014

    Love the pencils in the hair… very PB lol

    • purplebutterflylykin
      January 10, 2014

      Chuckles. Is this where I admit to doing this RL? Kids never steal the pen in your hair! Haha

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