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Lesson 30 – Nurture the Child Within

2014 01 16 PB aDorkable poses Kite 1

Children have a natural ability to evoke feelings from us that otherwise we would keep reserved for only those we know. We manage to see their innocent and true hearts even when they are misbehaving.

As life passes us by we tend to forget the child within. Burdened by responsibility we forget the ability to play and see adventure in our surroundings. Have you ever thought of something mischievous and playful only to hear the voice in your head tell you “oh no, you can’t do that. You’re an adult!”

My behaviour has certainly matured during my six and half years in SecondLife. Unlike in the past when I belonged to vampire clans and dance groups. I no longer get involved in big groups, finding from experience these usually end up being gatherings of egos, petty wars and drama.

As I have aged my dress sense has changed. Unlike the early day the length of my skirts and dresses now rarely show bum cheeks. Although I do think that the introduction of stylish mesh fashion, so those god-awful prim attachment for mini dresses disappeared, has much to do with the change in my style.

Even how I decorate my house has changed with a kitchen always included and little nic-nacs scattered around. I thank my sister Alexa Maravilla for educating me not only on the value of pixel food but on the skill of placement. Before I would always think of prim usage over atmospheric beauty. After all, prims are like gold in this virtual world of ours and we never seem to have enough of them.

2014 01 16 PB aDorkable poses Kite 2

There is however a downside to maturity and age. I believe on a daily basis I do less fun things. Years ago every hour of the day would be spent participating in some insane and silly ADHD moment. I can remember many times needing to cross my legs as I roared with laughter in real life. Nights of dancing into the wee hour of the morning have been replaced with the time spent organising work ideas and photos.

The days of old when I didn’t care what others thought or how I would be viewed and then judged for an action have been replaced, with a more cautious and careful avatar taking the reigns.

I dug deep into my inventory recognizing the need to release and re-connect with the playful child I once was. Loosing myself in the fantasy and magic of the Picklemoon Sim I did nothing but spend two delightful hours running around laughing at the carefree nature life has when you leave the responsibilities at home.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

2014 01 16 PB dance like a child

Coming with a hud giving you three designs to choose from, this cute dress is a brand new release by  J&A Rock Culture for the Hipster 2014 Fair. With the fair starting on January 21st and ending on February 4th don’t delay your visit too long or you might miss out.

Your Self-Love Assignment

This week, think of yourself as an innocent child who’s hungry for your love, care, nurturance, and approval. If you have a photograph of yourself as a baby, post it someplace where you’ll see it often. If you don’t have a photograph, simply close your eyes and imagine yourself as a young child under the age of five. As you gaze into this child’s eyes, acknowledge and praise them for their many gifts. Tell them how much you love and adore them.

Then imagine asking them, “What can I do for you today that will leave you feeling completely loved and nurtured by me?” Maybe the childlike part of you would like to go to the movies, spend a morning in bed, or go for a walk or run. Listen with your heart to what your child needs, and make a plan to accommodate their request.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Hair: Exile – Hold On Loosely (Dark Browns)
Nails: Sexy Mamas – Valentine Manicure Prim Nails
Dress: J&A Rock Culture – Mini Dress Hipster (Indie1) – Available at the Hipster Fair 2014 
Shoes: Roawenwood – Sugar Shock Sneaker (Hunt Gift)
Socks: Duh – Baggy Socks
Necklace: MG (Maxi Grossmer) – Gold Peace Pendant – (Group Gift)
Poses: aDORKable Poses – Kite 1 & 2 (available on Marketplace)

One comment on “Lesson 30 – Nurture the Child Within

  1. spunknbrains
    January 18, 2014

    I stuck to aesthetics instead of counting prim and searched for pieces that would fit both. Though don’t you love that mesh has really solved a lot of those prim issues? You’re having too much fun when your American family is asleep.. hehe

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