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Travel 52 Challenge: Postcard 9 – LEA 19

Frankx Lefavre has been my SecondLife brother for quite a few years now. Meeting one another back in 2009 we found common ground in both being Australian. Rarely does a day go by where our IM windows aren’t open, with conversations including all those sociably taboo subjects such as politics, economic management, religion and of course that teasing banter that only siblings share.

With an unquenchable thirst for pushing limits beyond known boundaries, Frankx spends hour upon hour deeply immersed in the foreign world of scripting. Merging his scripting talent with the soul of an artist, prims are manipulated into delightful illusions of particles, colour and movement.

2014 01 23 LEA19 - pic 1

Even though I have tried previously on my post for Frankx’s SL10B exhibit, Chrysalis, photographs will never capture the memorizing effect his art works have upon the human eye. His creations are really such that they need to be explored to be enjoyed and appreciated.

With his home sim, Devil’s Island, always open to visitors, Frankx is part of the LEA interim project and has current and past pieces of work available for viewing on LEA19.

2014 01 23 LEA19 pic 04

LEA (The Linden Endowment for the Arts) for those that are unaware is a collaborative arts center between Linden Lab and the art community. With resources donated by Linden Labs a committee of renowned Second Life artists organise exhibitions, programs and events to increase awareness of the contributions artist’s make to Second Life.

This is one place to not delay visiting as the artworks remain on display at LEA19 only until the end of January. Remember to have your draw distance to full sim and accept the windlight which plunges you into a world of darkness to fully appreciate the sculpture.

2014 01 23 - LEA 19 windlight

Although Frankx’s LEA19 exhibition closes at the end of January, I am positive this is not the last we will see of his interesting art. It does however mean you should not delay your visit.

Landmark: LEA19

Landmark: Devil’s Island – Frankx Lefavre personal sim (open to visitors).

2014 01 23 LEA19 pic 05

Personal note for Frankx: 

I’m so very proud of your achievements bro.

Your talent and creativity has been a source of amazement to me since the day we became friends.  As appreciation for your art grows may you receive the success which is duly deserved. 

Also, given my Daddy didn’t get me that pony for Christmas, I’ve down sized my shopping needs and now want a rabbit! So hopefully as you become more “famous” you might, you know, sign over the inheritance to me??? 

** Everyone is welcome to join the SL Travel 52 Challenge at any time. Full details can be found here(Please just remember to link back so the destination can be added to the Travel 52 Challenge page being created.)


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