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My Little Mesh Secret

2014 02 01 PB Country girl - vegetable patch

For me the use of mesh products has enabled little touches of reality to sneak into my virtual world. Moving recently onto a ranch style home site this vegetable garden by Roawenhood immediately made me think of the large vegetable patch I tend to in real life. At only 15 prims I knew there would be a space on the ranch for it and even better, no hard work involved in keeping the vegetables alive. Of course no vegetable patch would be complete without a scarecrow and thanks to mesh my new-found best friend only has a land impact of 1 prim!

Having to now watch prim limits, land impact costs are important and I refuse to lower my standards for quality items. Be it clothes; furnishings; or even a vegetable patch; the quality of textures involved in mesh creations usually are outstanding.

When mesh clothing was introduced to the grid I moved at snail pace to embrace it. Scared that SecondLife would become filled with carbon copy clones as avatars clambered to “fit” inside outfits the main cause of my hesitation. My refusal to adjust and tweak made wearing mesh clothing tricky and cumbersome. Today of course my shape has been tweaked many a time and the inventory is bursting at the seams with mesh items. I feel like a bit of a clothing snob when I admit that it is well over a year since I have purchased a piece of non mesh clothing.

Mesh brought with it a few perks. One of which I don’t believe we sing the praises of enough. Demo’s. From someone who has been disapponted with textures and wasted many lindens on ill-fitting clothes over the years having the ability to try on a demo means often not only are we able to see the fit and style of the fashion piece but also often the textures.

2014 02 01 PB Country girl  - JA Rock Red Shirt

This ability to grab a demo opened another door that I never expected, the purchase of men’s fashion for my avatar. The risk of wasting lindens on an item that won’t fit a women’s shape disappears immediately when a demo is provided. It is also useful if you want to nudge the men in your life into a particular dress style. Given many men throw up their hands in desperation when it comes to avatar styling and seek help from female friends it is handy to know what is available on grid for the opposite sex.

This cute red checked shirt which can be found at the Pure Sales Room for only 75 Linden is part of the J&A Rock Culture men’s range. It comes with a texture change hud giving you the choice of three different textures. I am loving that more and more designers are utilising the multi texture hud system. Not only is it saving room in the inventory but there is a certain buzz feeling of having received something a little “extra”.  

So back to the shirt, I think it makes PB look every bit the part of a hardworking country girl. Of course she kept her manicured french nails ….

it is a virtual world after all!

Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}ins [7DS] – GLUTTONY B4d T4
Eyes: Ikon – Spectral Eyes (Moor)
Hair: Truth – Tisha w/Roots (chocolate)
* Shirt: J&A Rock Culture – Shirt Men Long Sleeve – available at Pure Sales Room for only $75 Linden
Jeans: Maitreya – Skinny Jeans (#07)
Boots:  Black Haus White Market – Plaid Wellington Boots
Photo Pose 1: Exposeur – Cowgirl Up 3
Photo Pose 2: EXPOSEUR – cowgirl up 5 M
Landscaping items:
Garden: Roawenhood {RW} – Reclaimed Garden 1
Scarecrow: Dysfunctional Designs – [DDD] Mr. Scarecrow

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