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Lesson 34 – Integrity

2014 02 11 PB at Frogs Garden - take the path

Wisdom is knowing the right path to take ….

Integrity is taking it.

Realizing the need for Lindens back in 2007 when I started Second Life, a friend who was a Second Life escort, graciously got me a job as a stripper where she worked. The term “dancer” wasn’t used back then and thankfully voice wasn’t an expectation of the sex industry then or I would have lasted all of three nano seconds.

As it was my stripping career only lasted 30 minutes. I didn’t remove a single piece of clothing and earned around fifty lindens (the owner taking pity on me I suspect). Although I enjoyed the novelty of twirling around on a dance pole the entire situation left me feeling uncomfortable and out of my personal boundaries. Realizing this wasn’t the role for me, even being “just pixels”, out came the credit card and my Second Life lady of leisure existence began.

However what I learnt in those early weeks set the precedent for the life I still enjoy in Second Life today.  Understanding that for my own comfort I needed to live with the same morals and integrity that I display in the real world has let me enjoy without any embarrassment or discomfort my time in world.

Before any eyes get rolled down the hill of high moral ground I am not saying that PB is a squeaky clean angel. Far from it. I’ve participated and enjoyed my fair share of fantasy play inside Second Life. An old Master if he were to read this would laugh and confirm no matter how hard he would get me to try, I never could get in touch with my inner “slut”. Apparently she’s hidden in there somewhere but I suspect its in my big toe and given I have a foot phobia it is guaranteed to remain MIA for my remaining days.

2014 02 11 PB at Frogs garden - ja culture valentine dress

In essence this weeks lesson reminds us how important it is to just be ourselves. Whether we log into Second Life as a role play character; wear tails; cuffs; or even play a different gender, it is still important to behave in a manner which is consistent to our own values. In a world of so many beliefs and values, understand our own personal boundaries makes the entire “it’s just pixels” reasoning disappear and leaves us all to enjoy our chosen paths, as different as they might be 🙂

 The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Design a plan of action to restore your integrity. This week, look back over the past two years of your life. Make a list of the relationships or situations where you haven’t acted with complete integrity. On a piece of paper, write the person’s name, with a brief description of what you did or didn’t do. Ask “What could I do to bring this situation back into balance and restore my own sense of integrity?” Could you write a letter, deliver an apology, or contribute in some way to someone in need? This action could involve the person directly, but it doesn’t have to. 

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

* Dress: J&A Rock Culture – Pleated Dress (Hot) – Available at MC Fashion Fair

This pleated dress with a fashion hud of four textures is perfect for this month of love and romance. A new release from J&A Rock Culture it can be found at MC Fashion Fair.  Those prefering more traditional Valentine prints (pink and hearts), the same style of dress with four different textures is available at the I heart the Cart Sale.

Hair: D!va Hair – Manon (Brown Diamond)
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty Visage – Valentine (Group Gift)
Shoes: PurpleMoon (PM) – Narcissus Ballerinas (Copper)
Bag: Deco – Jennifer Tote (bluejay)
Necklace: Pure Poison – Love Me Necklace (Group Gift)
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer (MG) – Tarentella Gypsy Bracelet
Ring: Maxi Gossamer (MG) – Fortune Lotus Flower
Photo Pose 1: aDORKable poses: Blooms 7 (previous Arcade gatcha machine)
* Photo Pose 2: Eternal Dream Poses (ED) – Kollective 10 @ The Kollective Event (until 26th February)
Location: Frog’s Garden – Mainshop & Garden 

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