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Just follow the book.

2014 02 13 PB as BP - Del Vino wearing J&A

BP (my male shape) is only used for testing male outfits. He spends week upon week trapped inside inventory surrounded by heels and lipstick.  Does he just sleep and play video games those lonely hours? OR does he make plans on how he would seduce the single ladies of Second Life?

With Valentines Day fast approaching and the help of my sister, Alexa Maravilla, a sting operation was commenced to see does BP have the moves to be successful with the ladies. A quick read of “Second Life Dating Rules” and he was released onto the grid.

2014 02 13 PB as BP - del Vino

Dressed in a new release by J&A Rock Culture for The Thrift Shop, BP certainly looked striking in his leather jacket and jeans as he made reservations at del Vino Italian tapas and wine bar. Bonus points achieved for booking a table with views over the ocean.

2014 02 13 PB as BP - Fireplace Warming

After a stunning meal it was back to the abode. With snow fresh upon the ground the chill in the air was quickly replaced by the warmth of the fire. Having the fire already prepared and burning brightly earned more bonus points. After all, your house isn’t going to burn down in Second Life by stray coals.

A suggestion taken straight from the guide, a single red rose a surprise gift for his beautiful new friend.

2014 02 13 PB as BP - Fireplace Red Wine

Carefully pouring a large glass of red to ensure not to leave a mark upon the stunning white gown. BP assured his intentions as honourable. Realizing he was in the company of a fashionista, BP showed he had quite the knack for conversation discussing difficulties with alphas and mesh.

When he bought up cooking utensils was he secretly hoping Alexa would notice his ability to cook?

2014 02 13 PB as BP - Fireplace Strawberries

Ticking off the boxes one by one. He realized to woo this woman he would need to step up his game. Would it be oysters or hand dipped chocolate strawberries?

Handsome; charming; great conversationalist AND able to produce mouth-watering food, all was going well. However nothing was going to save our brand new Casanova when he fell asleep in Alexa’s lap. Success in the Second Life dating game was lost as the sounds of snoring mixed with mood music.

I guess this goes to prove that BP really does spend his lonely hours sleeping. What do you think, should I invest in an Xbox for him?

Valentines Couple Rug Set – Aphrodite Store

Big thanks to my sister, Alexa, for helping me to showcase this brand new release from Aphrodite Store.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching this 100% Mesh Valentine’s Couples Rug Set by Aphrodite Shop meets the needs for any romantic moment. Available with either a PG or Adult menu the set includes a heart-shaped rug, menu controlled fireplace and a decorative heart made of a string of lights.

2014 02 13  Valentines Fireplace Aphrodite Set

With rezzables such as rose petals and heart-shaped candles, sharing a glass of champagne or red wine has never been more romantic. For the hungry partake in a plate of oysters or lay and chat enjoying fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. All these activities; cuddles; tender holds and romantic kisses are included in the menu. This set is a sweet additon for everyone’s living room, not just for the month of February but all year round.

Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Valentines-Couple-Rug-Set-PG-Boxed-Copy/5690217

Store: Aphrodite Shop

* Outfit: Exclusive Man – by J&A Rock Culture @ The Thrift Shop for only 180 Lindens. Outfit is mesh and includes Jacket, Jeans and Aviator Glasses. (Please note the black tee pictures in photographs is not included.)
Hair: Uw.st -7R – Rex-Hair (Dead leave)
Shoes: I ALEIDA I Juninho loafers
Photo Pose 1: Katink – Male Lean
Photo Pose 2: Katink – Male Look Right
Hair: D!va – Asami (Onyx)
Lipstick: BlackLiquid (Pinot Gloss)
Jewelry: JD – Carbon Earrings/ Necklace and Bracelet
Dress: Baiastice – Hina Maxi Dress (White)
Shoes: NCore (Cinq White)

5 comments on “Just follow the book.

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  2. spunknbrains
    February 14, 2014

    I’m not sure if it bodes well that he fell asleep in my company? haha

    • purplebutterflylykin
      February 14, 2014

      Laughs .. I was putting the fault with him sis not you so shhhhhh.

  3. Juggy
    February 14, 2014

    Nah, if I was you, investing in a Xbox for BP would be a waste of money, since he proved what he does when stored in your inventory…….a bed would be more suitable I’d say 🙂

    • purplebutterflylykin
      February 17, 2014

      I’m pretty sure he’s already found and is utilising my folder of beds in inventory LOL.

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