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Lesson 36 – Please Yourself

2014 02 16 PB listening to Arcana Vinyls

Oh lead me from the temptation to be naughty sweet angels of blog sphere. With a title like this I could go on so many tangents. I will however stick to topic as this is one of those life changing lessons when finally learnt.

There is this small but influential part of me that continually attempts to please those I care about. Yet the cause for a lot of angst in my life comes from the knowledge that at times with decisions I make, I disappoint these same people.

I have always said that my mind is a complex web of contradictions. Although useful when understanding different viewpoints; a major flaw in this thinking method is the sheer amount of external information it uploads and processes.

When faced with making major decisions I factor in opinions and attitudes of those around me. If a decision goes directly against what others “think”, it brings a sense of unease which forces me to retreat within and seek further clarity. Although the process leaves me emotionally drained and exhausted I AM left confident the decision reached is the right one and what I truly need and want to do.

2014 02 16 PB listening to Arcana Jukebox

At times our actions in Second Life won’t correspond with the views other hold. It is easy to dismiss the opinions of those we know dislike us as internet trolling behaviour. It becomes harder to ignore if it is a friend who has played the critic.

It is times as these when we must place ourselves first.

Although happy to discuss how and why decisions have been made I will never apologise for the final decision reached. It has been made in MY best interests. Friends may struggle to understand the “why” but the reasons really are irrelevant. The end point for us all should simply be; ” as long as you are happy”.

The whole lesson can be found here as usual on Alexa Maravilla’s blog.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Reflect on one area of your life where you feel resentful, powerless, or resigned. Allow yourself to see how many of your actions in this part of your life are driven by your need to please others. What lengths do you go to in an attempt to get others to like you? Do you pretend to be the “nice” guy or girl? Do you conceal some of your brilliance or hide some of your power so that you won’t intimidate others?

Next, ask yourself if your quest to be liked and please others has actually paid off. Is it bringing you what you want? Allow yourself to see what would be available to you if your first commitment were to please yourself. Identify three actions you could take this week that would be pleasing to you … and take them.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

2014 02 16 PB listening to Afcana  Products

With music playing such an instrumental part of my life I instantly fell in love with these musical mesh creations from Arcana Antiques & Oddities. Available from The Feeling, a monthly event running until the 25th February.

With different themes each month the exclusive item from Arcana is the Jukebox shown in photo two. At 8 prim it is amazing value for money at only 125 Linden. Always loving a bit of fun, the retro turntables and vinyl records can be found in the gatcha machines for this round. At only 50L and 25L who can resist adding these to the decor folder.

Arcana Antiques & Oddities – {A} Vintage Jukebox (125L while at event.)
Arcana Antiques & Oddities – {A} Retro Turntables Collection – Cherry (50L gatcha while at event, many colours.)
Arcana Antiques & Oddities – {A} Vinyl Records Collection – Nevermind, Bat out of Hell, Dangerous – (25L while at event, many designs.)
AF Potted Plant (Exotic) – (Sept Arcade)
Hideki – Robot Lamp
Trompe Loeil – Loveseat Corduroy Rose
Bazar – Arizona rug dining room
Second Spaces – Backgammon set (previous arcade)
Prims 4 U Food – Ubuntu Cabernet
Park Place Home Decore – Cheese Tray (modified)
What Next – Decorative Red Wine & Glasses (modified)
Hair: EMO-tions – LUNA (2013 Advent Christmas Gift)
Dress: coldLogic – savage (black)
Boots: Seven exits designs – (7E) – Virgo (Black Leather) – (Group Gift)
Necklace: Emo-tions – Ultra necklace (2013 Advent Christmas Gift)
Bracelet: WTG – Couronne
Nails: WTG – Cupid jeweled nail
Lipstick: Essences – Hangover Lipstick 07
Eyeliner: MONS Makeups – black eyeliner series 4
Skin: 7DS – GREED B1 T3
Photo Pose 1: kpseduction6 – Posebility
Photo Pose 2: unable to list at this time.

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