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Say NO to Bullying.

2014 02 26 PB - Bullying stops here - Feb 26

For many years I have been concerned and campaigned about the need to stop online bullying. Reading the blog post by AnneMarit of Katink fame; I too visited PurpleMoon to pick up the pink ti-shirt in support of the Canadian – CKNW Orphan’s Fund – Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-Bullying programs.

Male or Female versions are available for a minimum 10 linden donation price. Being transferable items consider picking up one or two for friends. By wearing a pink shirt on February 26th in both lives, second and first, together we can bring awareness to what is a serious global social problem.

Bullying is often about power, be it real or perceived. The damage caused by cyber bullying is well documented as the rate of suicide continues to grow and be connected to online mediums. This past weekend in Australia, Charlotte Dawson a well-known television presenter and former model committed suicide. Her years of battling depression are interwoven with being the target of online trolling behaviour. On Monday 24th February a petition created by her friends, to the state and federal governments of Australia calls for tougher laws surrounding cyber-bullying and greater accountability by social media companies.

Having watched over the years the antics of those in SecondLife, which equate to cyber-bullying behaviour and being aware the same behaviour occurs on Facebook, Twitter and Plurk I sit and wonder, when did such a large section of society decide it was just too hard to be kind? Are people really that unhappy these days they need to belittle and humiliate others to feel good about themselves?

2014 02 26 PB - Bullying stops here - turn your back

Whilst governments around the world grapple with the issue of cyber bullying and how to implement changes, it is us the users of this technology who must lead the way. By promoting acceptance and tolerance in our own behavior online we educate those around us on the appropriate way to behave. It should never be forgotten the power when enough people stand together, turning their back on anti-social behaviour and say, enough is enough!

For more details visit: http://purplemooncreations.blogspot.com/p/pink-shirt-day-2014.html.

Share pictures wearing the pink shirts:   http://www.flickr.com/groups/pinkshirtdaysl/

Top: PurpleMoon (PM) – Pink Shirt Day – Bullying Stops here @ at purplemoon
Jeans: Immerschoen Girl MESH Jeans (DARKBLUE)
Hair: Truth – Roma2 w Roots (Treacle)
Necklace: .:EMO-tions – LOST necklace (Advent 2013 Gift)
Earring: J&A Rock Culture – Hearts Earrings (Golden) @ at this round of MC Fashion.

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