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Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 10: New Orleans Mardi Gars

NO MG - Paddle Steamer

Now that life is returning to a steady schedule once again I can resume the Travel 52 Challenge which started last year.

Yesterday upon login my Second Life brother send me a teleport with the words, “you have to see this”. Given he rarely teleports me anywhere I was instantly curious as to what he had discovered. He was right, you do have to see this!

NO MG - Street Parade

From the moment you arrive at New Orleans Mardi Gars you are surrounded by the carnival atmosphere. Even visiting in the peak time of American night I was surprised to find so few people present on the sim, leading me to believe that the SecondLife community need to know about this undiscovered gem.

FrannyDJ Dean is the owner and creator for this brilliant build. From 2007 Franny has been responsible for bringing other parades to SecondLife such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving and Christmas parade. This is the first year attempting Mardi Gras.

NO MG - Float Gator

With the release of streamers and random cheering on the streets as float after float passes down the main avenue Franny has certainly captured the atmosphere of carnival fun and festivity.

The detail on each float is amazing with the added bonus of being interactive. Every float encourages you to jump on board and dance along. I was very impressed to see the extra time spend ensuring each float had a different song to travel the street just like when participating in a real parade.

NO MG - Float Collage 1040

The main street parade runs 24/7, so any hour of the day or night is a good time to get your carnival action. The bad news is, the New Orleans Mardi Gars sim only lasts to the end of this week, so you really can’t delay in visiting.

With the sim only having a two-week life span you would be forgiven thinking that the fun stops with the street parade. This sim has so many other finds to discover and enjoy.

NO MG - Carnival

Take a stroll along the boardwalk. Stop in and enjoy the sidewalk carnival making sure to ride the ferris wheel and capture views of the sim.

If needing to add a little romance to your evening find your way to the bottom edge of the sim and share a romantic dinner in the bistro. Enjoy the soothing jazz music as you listen to the carnival sounds from afar.

NO MG - Bistro

From paddle steamers to a romantic garden or the jazz club right at the start of the parade action, with the use of intan’s dancing can be found on many parts of the sim. Making it an ideal fun date destination which can’t be repeated until, maybe next year.

NO MG - Jazz Club

We don’t think anything of tipping dj’s, hostess and performers but often we forget that the people who bring us these fun events pay for the land rental out of their real life money. Land in SecondLife is never cheap. It was pleasing and certainly surprising to find not a single store at this event as often creators resort to surrounding their event with stores in an attempt to recover some costs.

When visiting something you have enjoyed always attempt to find a tip jar and toss in some lindens to show your appreciation for the time, effort and expense the owner has made for the greater SecondLife community. Our tips never cover the cost of these events but it does encourages people just like Franny to keep sharing with us all.

Landmark: New Orleans Mardi Gars

NO MG - Outdoor Garden

** Everyone is welcome to join the SL Travel 52 Challenge at any time. Full details can be found here.

(Please just remember to link back so the destination can be added to the Travel 52 Challenge page being created.)


3 comments on “Travel 52 Challenge – Postcard 10: New Orleans Mardi Gars

  1. Cougar Sangria
    February 26, 2014

    Just one question…Should I come prepared to get some BEADS?

    • purplebutterflylykin
      February 26, 2014

      BYO beads hahaha and be prepared to throw them around as you shake that bootie on those floats Cougar.

  2. spunknbrains
    February 27, 2014

    Too bad I missed going, but I plan to visit before it’s over. Great pics sis.

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