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Hello, Hello, Remember Me: RAFF Review

2014 03 31 PB - RAFF 7Skins & JA Access“I’m everything you can’t control…”

Over the past few years my avatar has evolve into one which is more inclined to dress in frills and polka dots and a stylish set of heels. However it is these times when I outline the eyes in black and throw on a piece of Gothic jewellery that I am most in touch with my inner self.

Slipping into this dress by Delirium an exclusive for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, I had no trouble picking the song for today’s post. The lyrics have long spoken a truth to my soul. With a deep rebellious streak, which although toned down since those adolescence years has never completely faded. My resistance to being controlled or second guessed leaves me somewhat unpredictable.

2014 03 31 PB - RAFF Rebel 1 Pose

One thing people are most surprised with is the music on my iPod playlist. Given a rather conservative lifestyle I think they expect it to be filled with love songs of the past four decades. So when they see band names such as Muse, Sick Puppies and Killswitch Engage an eyebrow or two is raised. Not to mention the surprise for parcel delivery when a mature woman opens the door to these blasting tunes. (Just note, my favourite playlist did get extra approval points from my 19-year-old god-daughter’s boyfriend recently.)

This casual tank top grunge style dress draping down to the button at the side allowing just a little leg to show is certainly a dress I would love to have hanging in my real world wardrobe. The cross design my favourite but it does come with a HUD allowing another 13 choices of design upon the bodice.

“Tear down the walls and free your soul”

2014 03 31 PB - RAFF Rebel 3

Rarely one to change skins, pictured is the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair exclusive from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Having been a fan for quite some time of their skin releases this one doesn’t disappoint. The heavy eye make-up creates the right level of attitude suiting any rock mood whilst the mouth shape allows easy use with other lipsticks such as the one I’m wearing from Modish.

“Remember who you really are .. “

By embracing Rock Fashion I find the ability to express a tormented soul trapped within a conservative society. It is a small escape which lets the dark and sometimes edgy side shine in the spotlight.

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair is now open! Whilst wandering about all the fashion take time out to look at the large selection of accessories and poses available. The creators have out-done themselves this time.

Photo 2 Pose: Axix – rebel 1 @ THE ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR
Photo 3 Pose: Axix – rebel 2 @ THE ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR
Hair: EMO-tions – CELESTE (brown)
Dress: Delirium – Grunge Dress @ The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Rock Attitude girl @ The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes (Abyss)
Lipstick: Modish – BeforeU Lipsticks {Reds-Flame}
Nails: Sexy Mama Prim Nails
Boots: Whittentons Jewellery – Lizziey (JET BLACK)  (Marketplace Only)
Necklace: J&A Accessories – Wings of Darkness Necklace (Silver) @ The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Bracelet: Pure Poison Fashion – Screw HandCuffs (Silver)
Bag: Pure Poison Fashion – Diamonds Apple Clutch

Title Song: Evanescence – What you Want


3 comments on “Hello, Hello, Remember Me: RAFF Review

  1. Trav
    March 31, 2014

    Did you ever think that being outta control was one of the wonders of life. I am one of the people who is always out of control and has a mind of their own. Now you Butterfly are a beauty in the eye of this beholder. Always your own woman. A very attractive trait. Hugs u tight.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      April 1, 2014

      I do think that people de-value the need for spontaneous unpredictability in life. I like to believe that being out of control but with purpose is a skill to master in life, especially given the boundaries and guidelines are forever changing.

      Thanks again Trav for your love and support. Hugs.

  2. PeepSideshow Darkward
    April 2, 2014

    Yay for another Rock Chick! \o/

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