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Mamma, I want to have some fun :RAFF Review

2014 04 01 PB Chinese Take out

Like a snapshot in time, this outfit reminded me of the fight for independence that young adulthood brings. Life before us in all its wondrous potential. We step out onto the pavement with blind abandonment. A sense of recklessness in the air and an inner belief we can achieve anything.

Looking after ourselves forgotten for we are young and life is busy when burning the candle at both ends. Eating on the run when and where we can. Caution thrown to the wind with the recreational use of drugs. Addictions fostered in the form of cigarettes and alcohol.

I remember the times turning up to work with only an hour or two sleep. A favourite breakfast cure for a hangover being a Mars Bar and Coke. My mature self now cringes, thinking of what that would do to my waistline; sugar; cholesterol; kidneys; liver; teeth …. oh those sensible internal voices of age can be boring.

2014 04 01 PB Chinese Take Out 2

The mesh top and shorts have been released by Pulse for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair and work together creating a perfect casual outfit. The shorts come in two colour combination, black or black/blue pin stripe and mould perfectly to the hips. Whilst the top has that “any time any day” feel needed to become a firm wardrobe favourite. With spiked shoulders and available in many different designs or plain coloured panels they really are an essential purchase in my opinion.

Finding the perfect shoes to wander the lonely streets was easy. PB Designs created these casual slip on shoes. Matching to an existing outfit should be a breeze for they come in many different colour stripe choices.

Another great find from the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair are these poses by NanTra Poses. From the Rebel range the pack includes the cigarette package along with a cigarette for either left or right hand or mouth.

If you haven’t visited yet, here is the SLurl: The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair   (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jade/122/114/28)

Hair: Magika Hair – Flow II (Maroon)
Lipstick: Modish – BeforeU Lipsticks (Reds-popy)
Top: Pulse – Bloody Heart Spiked Top @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Shorts: Pulse – Sinner Short Leather & Black jeans @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Shoes: PB Designs – Womens Mesh Slip-On Shoe Stripe Red @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Piercing: Hollyweird – .HW. Frost Mesh Piercing
Pose Photo 1: NanTra Poses – Rebel 2 @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Pose Photo 2: NanTra Poses – Rebel 4 Mirror @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair


Title Song: Nirvana & Paul McCartney – Cut me some Slack



2 comments on “Mamma, I want to have some fun :RAFF Review

  1. Trav
    April 3, 2014

    How soon we find out that one cannot really live on 1 hour of sleep with junk food and nicotine to keep us going. When I was younger I would stay awake Mon through Friday pm and then sleep from Friday until Sunday pm and then get up and go again. All the time working 8 hours a day. hummmmm wonders why I started turning grey at age 18. Can anyone say, living on the edge in the fast lane. I have now slowed down a bit, rest, and enjoy life in a different way. Still gobs of fun,.Besides that I know have some great worldwide friends, whom I can love from my chair at home. Life is good.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      April 4, 2014

      I’m thinking turning grey was the least of your worries with hours like that Trav!!

      As you point out, a slower pace of life is just as good as those wild times we all enjoyed in our youth.

      Glad to be one of those worldwide friends whose friendship you can enjoy from your chair .. chuckles, cause I’m thinking you wouldn’t keep up with me!!!

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