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Looking for the Answer.

2014 05 29 Aphrodite Nexpresso - Coffee Time
“All you need is coffee and warm socks”


As previously mentioned, (many times) I AM a total coffee addict. For at least fifteen minutes after hearing the whirl of the coffee machine, my family decipher different grunts to their many questions. It is like my brain simply does not function until that first sip of coffee. The ability to communicate using the language of speech lost until my cup finds its way onto the bench, empty.

There is barely a moment during my waking hours when I don’t have a coffee cup by me. Although after that initial morning cup I do become a “sipper”, often getting distracted and ending up with stone cold coffee and the need to make a new one.

Like many things, facets of my real life venture into my virtual world. Luckily Aphrodite Shop earlier this month released a fully automated luxury Nexpress machine. With its shimmering gold or silver metallic colouring this machine looks fabulous on any coffee bar or kitchen bench. A single touch of the little red button to turn the machine on leaves you with the hard choice of choosing one of the 12 different varieties of coffee on offer. Be it mocha, latte or vegan your favourite is sure to be on the list for you to enjoy in-world.

2014 05 29 Aphrodite Nexpresso - A touch of gold

As you watch hot coffee pour into the cup it is easy to imagine the aroma in the air. Like magic, once filled the machine send you the coffee cup to wear from inventory. Unlike real life the coffee doesn’t disappear which means you only need to make a fresh cup when you desire a different taste.

The 12 individual style of coffee cups are also included in the pack and being only 3 prims each makes them a wonderful decor item to rezz around the home. The hardest part of using this item is deciding which flavour to enjoy with your cinnamon buns.

2014 05 29 Aphrodite Nexpresso - Which one to choose

BTW .. in the end .. I chose Irish

Aphrodite Shops:  Nexpresso luxury Coffeemachine (Silver or Gold)  – 12 prim
CP: Roux Coffee Station and Shelf
Floorplan: Dictionary Prints
Floorplan: French Plates
Bear: Monger Bean Coffee – available on Marketplace
A&A: Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock (White) – Group Gift
Photo 1: Pose – The Muse Poses – Peace 05
Photo 3: Pose – Diesel Works – Scarlett5
Hair: Dela – Lori (Dark Brown 2)
Shirt: Dirty Little Secret – EF Creamy Boyfriend Shirt
Socks: Fatewear – Ben (Hearts)




2 comments on “Looking for the Answer.

  1. Trav
    May 30, 2014

    I also am a coffee fanatic. I drink that hot brown stuff from the moment I get up until I close my eyes in the evening. Have been doing that the majority of my life. Although, I like plain black coffee, I also like espresso and have a learned taste for cappuccino depending on where I am. Some broast with alcohol, I broast with coffee. Great article PB, as always! Hugs U

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 2, 2014

      Think you might owe me a coffee one day Trav :)) My personal favourite is double shot espresso with a touch of frothed milk and a spoonful of sugar. Basically admitting I am not sweet enough but think that fact is well known haha. Hugs.

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