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A Little Drop of Reality

2014 06 19 Aphrodite - Wine and Cheese

Wine to me is passion

It’s family and friends,

It’s warmth of heart


generosity of spirit.

~ Robert Mondavi

As I opened the latest releases by Aphrodite Shop, buried deep among the items was a title that bought an instant grin to my lips. Knowing how glorious the food tables have been in the past, I prayed I would not be disappointed. Would the textures bring forth the familiar smells locked in my mind. Fruit and floral mixing with the earthen floors and maturing wooden barrels.

Barely able to control my excitement, I rezzed the Wine Tasting Table. Falling instantly in love with what is an important part of my reality.

The love affair for grape growing and wine making began in the late 1700’s for Australian’s. Being a relatively young country the first commercial bottles weren’t sold at market till the 1820’s. Today, every state in Australia is a producer of wine, making the country the fourth largest wine exporter in the world.

With different climates, soil and topography the wine produced is as varied as the people who populate each area. I am privileged to be one of those people. Nestled within rolling hills at an elevation of 695 meters above sea level, my little village is a mecca of farmlands and vineyards.

Surrounded by award-winning boutique wineries and gourmet food delicacy, I have become spoilt for choice when picking a local bottle to share with guests. Harvest is not necessarily a fun experience but there is a simple pleasure and a warming in my heart when I drive past the row upon row of vines knowing one day they will become part of the glass my friends and family share when they visit.

2014 06 19 Aphrodite - Wine Tasting Set

Sharing a bottle of wine is certainly a wonderful experience to enjoy. From our cellar to yours here are a few tips to make your next bottle nothing short of fabulous.

  • White wine is best served cooled but not icy. For best flavour attempt to avoid serving directly from the fridge.
  • The best glass to enjoy the scent of wine from is one which narrows at the top. A light swirl of the wine before drinking helps to release the wonderful aromas trapped within.
  • That very first sip, hold in your mouth for a moment to warm. Doing this releases the different components allowing you to enjoy the complexity of the wine.
  • Finally, sit back; relax; eat and share in making a beautiful memory with company.


Pose: Ma Vie Girl Fever 10

Botanica: Mesh 1 prim Vineyard w 18 Vines & Animations

* Aphrodite Wine Tasting Table :

There is so much to love about this setting. If rezzed as is, item is around 45 prims. However like so many of Aphrodite Store’s products if prims are a concern each piece can be used separately. Allowing YOU to make the choice of what items to set out and which to keep in inventory.

Depending on your passion for red or white the seven different wine variety bottles dispense a freshly poured glass of wine to inventory. A simple click refills the glass as a bonus. At only 1 prim each these wine bottles are useful for any entertaining decor moment.

The two food trays are packed with mouth-watering goodies. The two tiered snack board at 14 prims offers 7 different items with exotic items such as donkey and moose on the menu. The main large cheese board has an amazing 14 different selections of cheeses and snacks. Each menu selection dispenses its own prop and whilst munching on a cheese stick at 10 prims for the cheese board I can see this permanently displayed on my table.

All items are no modify and no transfer.

For ease I have listed all items and their prim count below. All items are no modify and no transfer and can be purchased either in store or on marketplace:

Aphrodite Store SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shopping%20City/211/10/23

Marketplace Listing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aphrodite-wine-tasting-table-Red-wine-white-wine-snacks-cheeses/6129429

Aphrodite Wine Tasting Oak Barrel Table = MESH 4 LI

Oak Barrel Stool with 5 animations and 2 props = MESH 3 LI

Selection of 7 Summer Wine Bottles @ 1 LI each = 7LI.   (Pack includes two versions, individual or to save prims a linked set with multi menu for only 4LI)

Double country board with delicatessen (dispenses 7 items) = MESH 14 LI prim

Country Cheese Big Board (dispenses 14 items) = MESH 10 LI

Red Wine Glass Collection = MESH 1 LI

Decorative Grape Barrels = MESH 3 LI

Aphrodite Paprika Chips Bowl = 2 LI

Aphrodite Potatoes Chips Bowl = 2 LI

Aphrodite Peanuts Bowl = 3 LI

Chianti White Wine (dispenses glass of white wine) = Mesh 1 LI

Chianti Red Wine Bottle (dispenses glass of red wine) = Mesh 1 LI


3 comments on “A Little Drop of Reality

  1. Slynny (or Anee)
    June 19, 2014

    *holds up my glass waiting for you to refill it*

    Now that you have this table, sis, I’m moving in 🙂

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 19, 2014

      Come on in sis ..you might have to sleep on the couch but there is only me and the cat these days. LOL

    • purplebutterflylykin
      June 19, 2014

      and NO comments about me being a spinster like cat woman sister *shakes my finger at you knowing exactly how your mind works*

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