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2014 07 02 - 4th July Aphrodite PB Blessing

In a few days my American friend’s will be celebrating their national day. Aside from the fireworks and food, these national celebrations for any country, are a time of united pride. It may seem a little odd, that an Australian, whose country does not seek and is yet to gain full independence from their Great Britain mother, would appreciate the reason behind the 4th of July, or as it is officially known, Independence day celebrations.

As an outsider to American culture and society, I have always found it inspiring how proud the people of America stand. From east to west coast, across the country you find displays of devotion and support for their armed forces. Flags flap in the breeze, proudly hung from front porches and within gardens. The colours red, white and blue, for many around the world, a recognized symbol for freedom and liberty.

2014 07 02 - 4th July Aphrodite bike

One of the free gifts SecondLife gives us all is the ability to meet others from around the world. From that opportunity to learn about other cultures can come mutual understanding and respect. Something needed as a cornerstone pillar in our quest for world peace.

Having always been curious about the larger world, I have been fortunate over the years online to find friends whom willingly discuss, often for hours, facets of their lifestyle including hot button topics such as gun control, health care and the involvement of religion within politics.

When information about a society and culture is based only from television and news reporting it is easy to form bias views and it is only within such conversations that we realize that although our laws and beliefs may be different the fundamentals of love, happiness and safety, are all things we strive to achieve for our families.

2014 07 02 - 4th July Aphrodite items

It seemed only fitting that an American needed to be involved in helping me showcase the new items, created to celebrate the 4th of July. Not being one to miss any opportunity for some company and let’s be honest, the party food, I invited Drems, one of my closest and dearest American friends, to come spend some time in the backyard.

Marina and Jay from Aphrodite Shop have put together a wonderful selection of goodies to bring the celebration inside SecondLife. The crackling fire which can be extinguished from a menu, completes all summer cook-out scenes. Whilst the faded flag blanket draped upon the log is filled with animations for singles and couples, including rezzable items such as a soda can and guitar. Thought has been put into the menu included in the picnic bikes allowing for those picture perfect photographic moments we all enjoy taking.

From the ice-cold bottles of beer, to the buckets of fries and chicken wings, everything has been created for enjoyment. A lover of those small details which Aphrodite do so well, I particularly liked how the mustard on the hot dogs spells out America. I am so going to try that this weekend with my kids!

2014 07 02 - 4th July Aphrodite Food

So after gorging myself silly on pizza, hamburgers and then leaving next to nothing on the desert table for sharing, I hope everyone who celebrates over the next few days for whatever reason, remembers if nothing else, it is another day in the year for enjoying the company of those people who mean the most to you.

To my American friends and especially family members; you are all amazing people who I am so proud to know.

Enjoy your special day,

Happy 4th of July !!!

    PB x

To help in finding the Aphrodite Products shown above aside from visiting the store in-world I have listed some of the Marketplace urls. Many of the items included in the party sets are available for purchase on their own.

SLurl Aphrodite Shops: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shopping%20City/211/10/22

Marketplace url’s for Aphrodite Products:

4th July Party Mega Set : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aphrodite-4th-july-party-mega-set-With-balloons-arches-banner-4th-july-food-drinks-decorations-and-more/6149010

4th July Party Buffet Set: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aphrodite-4th-july-party-buffet-set-With-Independence-day-food-drinks-arches-balloons-lanterns-and-decorations/6150691

4th July Party Beer Bucket Coolers : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aphrodite-4th-july-party-Beer-bucket-coolers-set/6156857

Picnic Bike – Independence Day: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aphrodite-Picnic-Bike-Independence-Day-Male-American-version-for-singles-couples-Includes-ridable-bicycle/6157252

* All photo animations part of the Aphrodite Store’s product menu excluding Photo 1.
Photo 1 – Pose: aDORKable Poses 5 (Christmas Advent 2012)
*Aphrodite Shops: 4th of July Party Mega Set w Independence Day Food
*Aphrodite Shops: 4th of July American Picnic Bike (2 bikes included, one able to be ridden)
*Aphrodite Shops: 4th of July Party Beer Buckets – 4 prim each (dispenses wearable beer)
*Aphrodite Shops: 4th of July American Picnic Bike set – Camping Fire and Log
(List of other items seen within the scene available upon request.)
Hat: EC – Stars and Stripes Hat
Hair: DeLa – Mesh Hair “Lori” (Dark Brown 4)
Jacket: B!asta -MADE IN USA Studded leather jacket (previous hunt gift)
Shorts: Beauty & The Bean – [USA] Denim Short Mesh
Boots: Shattered – Slouch Boots (Black)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture – Always True Flag Pendant (Group Gift 2013)
Hat: EC – Stars and Stripes Hat
Top: Ditzzy Designs – Open Tied top
Shorts: Beauty & The Bean – [USA] Denim Short Mesh
Shoes: CC Design – USA Sneakers
Tattoo: CO – starz R W Blue Tattoo

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