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When will we learn?

The greatness of humanity is not in being human,

but in being humane.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Angel tears

I have written and re-written this particular blog since the shooting down of the MH17 aircraft over the Ukrainian airspace last Thursday. A topic not of SecondLife nature on its own, it does however touch upon the international nature of its residents.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in parts of the world which are mostly in peace, the images of death and destruction upon our television screens for the past few years has to leave us wondering; where is the sense in these antics? What have these acts of aggression really achieved?

A snapshot of this week finds nearly 300 innocent people from 11 nations laying dead in a Ukrainian field. 80 of these just children and infants. A horrific day of bloodshed on the Gaza strip has risen the count to over 550 Palestinian men, women and children now dead. Sadly the majority of these deaths are women and children unable to escape the missiles. Israeli itself has lost 13 soldiers killed in their line of duty. 200 schoolgirls are still missing “somewhere” in Nigeria. Meanwhile countless other unreported deaths and atrocities occur daily in war-torn areas like Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan, to name just a handful of countries currently at war.

As a blanket of grief spreads across the globe and people learn to accept life without their loved ones; we, the collective society of humanity, surely have to be reflecting upon what this loss of human life has gained for those whom inflict these wounds. Has it really all been worthless?

Suicide bombers still go to markets in Baghdad. Rockers still rain down upon Gaza. Bombs still explode within Syria and the MH17 crime scene has been pilfered with items from the deceased already appearing on auction style sites.

As the media cycle moves us from one crisis to the next and each abhorrent acts flash upon our screens are we slowly becoming desensitized to these crimes against humanity? Are we slowly turning our attention away from what it really important? Have we lost the words that encourage all citizens on this earth to unite and respect humanity? Do we no longer believe that violence is not an acceptable way to solve problems? As fundamentalism in religion and politics stares us in the face have we forgotten the most fundamental thing of all.. how precious and sacred life is?

In a week where so many innocent lives and futures have been lost, I sit here with deep sadness. Wondering in my heart how many more need to follow before we learn what our children learn in preschool, to just simply … accept one another.

Slynny passed on a relevant snippet from a CBS news cast by Scott Pelley. It is only 1:54 long so will put the link here for anyone interested in listening. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152661684274073

Hugs, PB xx



5 comments on “When will we learn?

  1. Juggy
    July 23, 2014

    Thank you PB for your post. Mine probably was a bit ‘one-sided’, but that does not mean all other tragedies in the world I do not see. And for all of them my post title counts….WHY, OH WHY…..
    I sure hope that ONE DAY WE WILL LEARN! Rather yesterday than tomorrow. Huggss PB.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 23, 2014

      I hope for that too Jug. We have experienced far too many mindless acts these past two years, for this madness to keep continuing.

      I thought your post shows the real raw emotion of the woman whom Jug is. It is an especially hard time for your homeland as it struggles to understand that so many of its residents will not be coming home.

      I share with you the disgust of how the dead and their possessions have been treated along with the purposeful destruction of the crime scene. Sadly I do believe the person(s) whom pressed that button will never be bought to justice for their criminal act, even if on 298 counts of manslaughter.

      At best all we will get now is a hypothesis on what happened and by which party, pretty much the knowledge we already hold.

      • Juggy
        July 23, 2014

        Agrees, the responsible people will never be brought to justice. The only thing I can hope for, is that they are going to be punished in their lives/sleep, for the rest of their life.
        What is even more sad is that someone still found it difficult to believe what happened, so that person decided, probably in some kind of despair, to call the cell phone of the one they lost. How cruel it must have been as the phone was answered by an East European in a totally strange language!

  2. Trav
    July 24, 2014

    It is unfortunate, I agree. These wars have been going on for hundreds of years. It seems that war is always about greed or religion, with Religion being the most responsible. I think we all could write on for a long time, but it wont stop until we all get along which is not in our close future. It will take something catastrophic to bring us all together.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 28, 2014

      Sadly I agree with you Trav. Greed and religion is at the base of most wars, yet still should never be the excuse for such atrocities to be committed.

      May the time never come when the world is faced with a catastrophic event because I don’t really have faith that even then we would be able to put differences aside and come together.


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