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It’s Multi-cultural!

2014 07 29 PB - Got to grill

With the sun shining I guarantee that as you grab the steak from the fridge, or that mountain of sausages, you never once considered just how multicultural the barbecue is.

Regardless of where on this planet you choose to sizzle, whether you dig a hole in the ground like the Fijians or roast an entire pig over hot coals as they do in the Philippines, the common denominator between us all is that a barbecue is a simple relaxing social activity we all love.

BBQ’s are a fundamental part of the Aussie lifestyle. Most households will light up the BBQ at least once a week as simply a way to cook their evening meal or weekend lunch. In answer to the bad but obviously successful advertisement of “”throw a shrimp on the barbie”, NO we rarely throw shrimp (prawns) on the BBQ. Being a cattle country, Australian’s love big slabs of beef or lamb on their hot plates.

Somewhere on a Sunday, especially in summer, I can guarantee you will find a family enjoying a sausage sandwich (cooked sausage on a slice of buttered bread with tomato sauce). If not cooking one yourself for lunch, these are bought for two dollars outside most major chain hardware stores as a fundraising event for community and sporting groups. Regardless of if you’ve just eaten a big meal there is something about the smell of these cooking which has you lining up to buy one to munch on as you shop.

2014 07 29 PB - Spice it up baby

Taking the humble SecondLife barbecue to a new level is the 100% mesh Lakeside family BBQ set from Heart Homes, Aphrodite Stores. Don’t let the name deceive you and think you need a lake to invest in this beauty, it also looked perfect nestled among the trees in my backyard.

This item is loaded with animations and rezzable props. One thing I instantly noticed and loved is that the menu now uses a system where props attach directly to your hand. YAY!!! No more items to clutter up our inventory!

Another special feature, which I couldn’t show in pictures is not only are there solo animation but also animations for couples and most exciting, specially created animations just for child avatars. From preparing salad and hot dogs together to watching your child set the table it is these little touches that make this a must have addition for any family in SecondLife.

2014 07 29 PB - Sweet Sizzle

The realistic stainless steel BBQ, requires you to press buttons to turn it on and off. Whilst the food choice menu will satisfy even the most fussy of eaters. There is even a selection for our vegetarian or diet conscious guest. I admit there is a bit of fun watching the meat go onto the grill raw and change to cooked before your eyes.

An added bonus is the food once cooked upon the grill, turns up on the placemats at the entertainment table portion of the set.

Meaning eating + entertaining = enjoyment for all !

2014 07 29 PB - Soap it up

A simple look through my personal Pinterest boards, showing like many of us I dream of having an outdoor kitchen (along with a clay-form wood fire pizza oven) in my real life entertaining area.

I can take comfort now thanks to Aphrodite Stores in knowing I have a stunning set here inside SecondLife.

After all, the Neanderthal man chomping on his char-grilled dodo leg didn’t have the luxury of a kitchen sink and dishwasher by his fire pit and did he complain? Now where can I get myself a sausage sandwich ….

2014 07 29 PB - Dishwasher Dreams

Find more photos and description details by visiting the Marketplace listing or Aphrodite Shop inworld.

 Aphrodite Shop – Lakeside BBQ by Heart Homes
Skin: YS & YS – Giorgia
Lipstick: ME – Sapphire Lips (01/Dark w teeth)
Hair: Dela – Lori (Dark Brown 4)
Dress: Gizza – Cindy Dress (Plaid Cotton Red)
Shoes: BabyMonkey – Ultimate Sirena Leather
Necklace: GB – Angel heart necklace





2 comments on “It’s Multi-cultural!

  1. Trav
    July 30, 2014

    I did not realize you looked so damn good doing the dishes. How could I have possibly have missed this. Smiles and hugs

    • purplebutterflylykin
      July 30, 2014

      Probably because its not a common activity I get up to in SL Trav!

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