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Just thinking …

2014 10 06 PB and Archie hanging about

Are you uncertain?
Or just scared to drop your guard?
Have you been broken?
Are you afraid to show your heart?

~ Birdy – All you never say.

For someone who has a pretty good grasp on social interaction and the mechanics of thought and behaviour most of my time lately inside SecondLife has been doing pretty much … well … nothing.

I seem to settle into my favourite chill out pose and let the mind wander. It seems to have been a year of crossroads and direction change as I have sought to find what it is I want from my SecondLife journey. At times I have thrown my hands in the air and decided it is best to not “want” anything and just enjoy what comes my way. However this is not something my personality embraces easily or can sustain for any length of time. Mmmm anyone say control freak …

As someone who is full of love and expression SecondLife can be a dangerous and at times very disappointing place. You get to see and experience the short-term mentality of relationships, be they friendships or the more serious investment of love and emotion. Having hours to spend alone at times and being a relatively friendly type of gal, I often send my pixels out to just converse with others in SecondLife.

After discounting those sleazy type pixels who think an opening line should start with “mmmm very sexy avatar” ending a few lines later with .. “you need some good cock” which I have determined not to mean the fried chicken in breadcrumb variety. I have found it surprising how people, regardless of nationality seem to fall into distinct categories of conversationalist.

There are those who, sorry to say, are really very boring. Maintaining anything after the hello’s and how are you is nothing short of hard work and you walk away wondering what exactly they are seeking in a virtual existence that relies heavily upon conversational skills.

BTW this is people who are out and about looking for fellow Second Lifers to chat with, I’m not talking about those of us who hide away at home and play with our inventories here. That could be another post further down the list when I’m comfortable exposing my own reasons for spending so many hours curled up on my chair with only Archie my teacup kittycat for company. And yes isn’t he such a cutie!!!

What I have found surprising is how if you do find a like-minded chatty avatar of either gender, the first conversation can last a few hours and be quite interesting and deep yet subsequent conversations fall away after the hello’s and how are you are all finished.

So as I lay looking at the ceiling, I ponder the why’s and dynamics of how our SecondLife friendships form and what drives them into building and becoming something more solid and lasting from just that simple hello. If you have your own ideas I’d love to see them down in comments.

Speaking of special friendships, I want to send a big shout out and big wishes to my SL Daddy (yes I know, I have one even if he refuses to claim identity of me as such) who’s celebrating his birthday today. Although we can’t share a piece of cake in world and talk about adventures like long ago, I want you to know that your special and remembered. xx

As for that cake .. nothing says I can’t enjoy a piece!

Take Care all,

PB xx

Shirt: Fishy Strawberry – Oslo Shirt (Dark Denim @ Chapter Four)
Jeans: Immerschoen Girl – Mesh Designer Jeans (DarkBlue)
Boots: ALB TYLER boot (antique)-  by AnaLee Balut
Hair: ploom -Julie (Browns)
Stool: LISP – Primary Bee Stool (Yellow)
Bear: ‘Monger: Bean-Coffee (Marketplace)

2 comments on “Just thinking …

  1. Juggy
    October 10, 2014

    It is as you started this post with, being shy, being uncertain, being scared and therefore rarely starting a conversation with someone. And yes, maybe I am a boring kind of person, sometimes I think I really am, but when there is no mutual ‘click’, I somehow shut down because I have no clue what to say.
    Why it is that people ask me to be in their friends list is something I do not know either. Mostly I accept their request (scared to refuse, because I think I offend them??), because of the nice chat we had, before the request was send out, and well, when we are on each others friends list that is it, and silence between us rules. And of some of the people that are in my friends list I sort of feel proud that they are in it, maybe because it feels like ‘hmmm, he/she finds me worthwhile to have in his/her list’.
    Most of my talks with others are more or less about nothing and silly stuff during a show, just to have fun. Serious talks, it is kind of difficult, that is something you need to do one on one, at least for me it is (language related). And also typing is so different than talking, sometimes misunderstood too.
    Ohhhh PB, Archie really is soooooo cute, I envy you. Mine is just a normal sized cat…. but sweet too 🙂

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 11, 2014

      Yes I think your right Juggy, shyness and most certainly confidence has a large impact on how we all interact.

      As for those friends requests when they are sent they really are difficult to say no to. Wonder if others have different tactics than just accepting and then deleting months down the track???

      As for my teacup kittycat .. I’m so in love!

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