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Risky Business

I hope you all find something to smile about in this post as I simply couldn’t help but have a little fun tonight. Maybe its the looming deadline of a 2,000 word essay which has put me into this mood…

Recently the task of decorating the interior of the San Rosa beach house a new release from Redgrave Homes was handed to me. Whilst standing in the emptiness, wondering where to begin in making such an impressive house into a home full of warmth and love; fits of giggles took over.

Could I?

Hmmm maybe the questions was more … SHOULD I?

2014 10 13 PB Just Crusin

With the knowledge that the wonderful man of the house was sleeping soundly (sometimes there are advantages to time zones) and I wouldn’t be caught being so childish, cause lets face it, I am still trying to make a good impression! Thoughts of sliding along the wooden floorboards a la. Tom Cruise, risky business style took hold.

As the dirty clothes basket has yet to be rezzed in our new home and I couldn’t rummage up a pair from inventory, I quickly sent out a SOS for socks to my dear friend Cougar who is the Marketplace Queen! Armed with hairbrush and the regulation white shirt, no decorating may have got done, but I certainly polished those floorboards!

2014 10 13 PB  Risky Cruisin

Remember life is wonderful when you find even just one reason to smile.

PB x

** For those needing a bit of a reminder …

Hair: Truth – Kendall (Chocolate)
Shirt: dirty.little.secret – EF creamy boyfriend shirt
Socks: White Socks by PopFuzz
House: Redgrave HOMES – Beach House SAN ROSA
Photo 1: !bang – Hairbrush Microphone 1
Photo 2: oOo sexpot six

10 comments on “Risky Business

  1. spunknbrains
    October 14, 2014

    Too cute!

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 14, 2014

      Hahahaha thanks sis. I’m going to call it “breaking in the floorboards”. Was so much fun running about the house in socks tho whilst its empty cause lets face it . .we know I’m going to fill it with crap .. I mean .. necessary CLUTTER!!!

  2. spunknbrains
    October 14, 2014

    Btw .. could you send me an email… for some reason I can’t find you to send you that picture. I’m off to shower after that gruelign therapy workout..

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 14, 2014

      you only have to say therapy for me to groan and consider it grueling!

      • purplebutterflylykin
        October 14, 2014

        Although .. come sit on my couch some time sis … we can do a different type of therapy over chocolate cake 😀

  3. spunknbrains
    October 14, 2014

    grueling* too

  4. Trav
    October 14, 2014

    It always does my heart good to see you smile. Risky business, how cute.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 14, 2014

      Laughs . .thanks Trav. I am thinking you could teach Mr Cruise a thing or two LOL.

  5. Cougar Sangria
    October 14, 2014

    My! My ! Look at dem shinny floors 🙂 Yep this brings a smile to my face ♥

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 14, 2014

      It’s the socks isn’t it Cougar ???? Grins .. hugsss

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