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Tracing Lines

Upon your face … 2014 10 23 The Trace - Tre and PB Cougar Sangria recently highlighted a sim called The Trace upon her blog. Having already fallen in love with her photographs and deciding I simply HAD to own that bird (click on the link to see the photo) which sent Tre on a wild goose chase to find … errr sorry about that baby, we managed to stop the world. Both of us just for a moment in time got to simply enjoy the beauty and peace of the sim.

Like everyone who meets in Second Life time zones are often the hardest thing to battle, especially when you are at opposite ends of the globe. I honestly believe that Australian’s have the worst time zone in the world!

As one wakes to the sun, the other is yawning and sees the moon high among the stars. As one goes about their daily business the other is sleeping soundly.  So when you do find those moments to spend in each others arms they quickly become cherished memories. Like many who enjoy the photography aspect of Second Life I attempt to capture not only the beauty that surrounds me in-world but the little moments of my life which become the memories I cherish and hold close to my heart.

2014 10 23 The Trace - Tre and PB Barn

When I’m away,

I will remember how you kissed me

Under the lamppost back on Sixth street

Hearing you whisper through the phone,

“Wait for me to come home.”

Like everyone life has some hectic times and I wanted to take the liberty to do something special for Tre (especially after the bird incident ….). I leave this little surprise song for him to “discover” sometime over the weekend (someone might need to IM him and let him know hahaha) and say “Sweetheart, although you aren’t waking to my arms you are always in my heart xxx”.

I would also like to thank Johnny from Johadez for making my dreams come true and sending me my own little bird which now has pride of place at home.

Have a great weekend all, I’ll be back next week!

Take care, PB xx

Edited: Guess he couldn’t wait out the weekend alone after all …. but at least I got the bird to keep forever.


8 comments on “Tracing Lines

  1. Cougar Sangria
    October 24, 2014

    I am so glad you enjoyed The Trace. I fell in love with the place myself. LOL isn’t it funny the little things that capture your eye, meaning the bird? I just happened to notice it sitting in a field all by its lonesome and wanted to photograph it. Poor Tre lol. ♥

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 25, 2014

      I’m such a small details person that the bird sitting out alone among that field with the key hanging from its beak really captured something within me. Maybe a feeling of being lost yet found?? I’ll psychoanalysis that at a later date along with my passion for pixel food.

      The bird actually isn’t an item for sale either as it was a past hunt gift so I really feel grateful to have been sent one and hope that other’s will admire it as they come to visit.

  2. Trav
    October 25, 2014

    OMG, my daughter in the hands of another man.;-)

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 25, 2014

      Hahahaha Daddy … do I tell him the shotgun is ready?

  3. Drems
    October 25, 2014

    Don’t worry y’all I’m keeping an eye on her.

    • purplebutterflylykin
      October 25, 2014

      Hands Drem a donut and giggles .. feeling a tad distracted maybe?

      • Drems
        October 26, 2014

        Hmmmm yummy. What were we talking about?

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